Documentation Photography Munich

History of documentary photography

Examples of first reportage photos date back to the nineteenth century. One of the key events for the development of this field of events was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, which took place on April 14, 1865 at the Ford Theater. Drawers employed by the editors of various magazines created illustrations depicting their subjective idea of the incident. However, the real testimony of the tragedy is the pictures taken by Alexander Gardner during the execution of conspirators. At that time, a series of 7 photographs was created, which, due to the fact that the reproduction technique was not sufficiently developed at that time, were not published in the press. However, they were an announcement of how big a role reportage photos would play in the field of photography. Gardner’s photographs can be viewed at the Library of Congress in Washington, where they are part of the American Memory collection.

Photography as art has several very interesting varieties. And although the general principle of taking pictures is always based on the right selection of parameters, its individual types have specific characteristics. Portraits should be taken differently, sports event photos and reportage photos differently.

The main purpose of reportage photography is to show the situation in the way we found it, not the way we would like to capture it. Its essence, however, is not only to present a given event, but also to express by photographing some truth about life. Reportage is usually a series of photos taken in a given situation.