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history of portrait photography

Posing for paintings, recording their images in marble, granite or canvas has always accompanied the upper realms, and at some times also people from the lower social strata. The invention of photographic techniques favored the development of this field of art. The peculiar mania did not begin much after the presentation of the first photographs made with the daguerreotype technique.

Napoleon III, who had taken a picture before traveling with the army to Italy, contributed to its popularization. The entire Paris elite followed in his footsteps, contributing to the rapid enrichment of Parisian photographer Andre Disderi. Fashion also moved to England where photos of famous characters could be bought in the store. Traditional portraits were embellished and props were used for them.


How many faces, so many stories to tell

Portrait photography is in my opinion the most pleasant field of photography. The photographed person is the main character of each shot. A good, authentic portrait shows the emotions of the photographed person, their uniqueness, the world. The role of the photographer is to show the external beauty of man as well as to discover the interior of the photographed person. Showing his character, personality and dreams. There is a story behind each person and this is the most beautiful in a portrait.


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