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Digital photography and computers

Digital photo manipulation is now standard

Everyone who takes photos will want to improve them a little sooner or later. In professional applications, no portrait session, even the best one, will be possible without graphic processing.

Post-production of photos – it is necessary and it is extremely important that it should be done professionally.

Contemporary professional photography practically does not exist without computer photo manipulation – and business photography is no exception. We have mastered the techniques of digital image processing, which are an essential element to provide companies with a comprehensive and specialized product such as business photos.

machining in PS and LR
Do Lightroom and Photoshop have magical abilities?

The main problem with business sessions is often the uneven color of human skin and its susceptibility to reflection of light. Professional make-up is essential – the base, properly made by a make-up artist, will cover many imperfections, but also skillfully contour the facial features.

It is thanks to skilful treatments in Lightroom and Photoshop that the photo gains its final atmosphere. Sometimes a slight correction helps to draw attention to the content of the photo rather than to minor imperfections. We correct the contour of the figure, remove unnecessary elements of the composition, correct the complexion, correct the colors and contrast, if necessary, we make the editing.

How not to spoil the photo
Business portrait session – file processing rules

Our goal is only to correct the photo so that it better reflects the authentic look, we follow these general rules:
We work with a working copy of the file to always have the original.
The monitor must be good and calibrated.

We do not strive to degrade the photo by overusing tools and filters – i.e. we do not force the image – this especially applies to color correction, sharpening, smoothing, using various types of filters and special effects.

The changes we introduce are supposed to be completely natural in reception, the post-production effect is to be noticeable only in combination with the original (raw) portrait photo.

Perform as few operations as possible on the file, because some operations result in the loss of some information from the photo.

Operations aimed at reducing the file size, e.g. saving it in jpeg format, reducing bit depth, reducing resolution – we perform at the end – after all corrections, straightening, cropping … etc.

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