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how to order a photo session

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Business photos / corporate photos – how to order a photo session

The photographer has the greatest impact on the appearance of portraits, who, apart from taking photos, is also responsible for the overall activities – i.e. for the work of a make-up artist, assistant, graphic designer who cleans and prepares the photos for printing.

A photographer who deals with company photos has at least two shooting functions and produces (organizes) photo sessions in the company.

In order for a photographer to be able to prepare a session for a company, he must first of all understand the intentions of the ordering party of business photos by recognizing his needs. For this purpose, a conversation is necessary, during which the photographer will receive precise information and instructions regarding the session.

With corporate photography, it is like any other – if we find a professional, we don’t have to worry.

If we decide to choose a photographer who specializes in business (corporate) photography, I recommend that you carefully read his portfolio, not just the price list. The photos are important and how you perceive the people presented in them. And it is not about the technical aspects of photography (although proficiency in mastering the technique is important), but about a “body language test” that anyone can do.

Look at the portfolio and tell what character traits the people in the photos represent. If in your opinion they are confident, professional, trustworthy, open-minded or imperious people, you can easily start cooperation with the author of such a portfolio. If the people in your photos seem shy, stressed, withdrawn and insecure, look for another photographer.

The sense of taking care of the image in business
The first impression is priceless

Taking care of the image simply makes sense and it is worth investing in it both time, effort and financial resources. A favorable image can become a key success factor in personal and business development.

In times of social media – more people will have a chance to make a first impression, i.e. strong,
an emotional and lasting image that we create about a given person when looking at our photo on Linkedin or the company’s website – rather than meeting us in person.

Business session parameters
Basic session parameters and their impact on cost. Business photography Munich

When planning business photos in the company, you need to make several important decisions that will affect the end result and the valuation of the session:

  • at what date is it planned,
  • how many people will take part in the session,
  • location
  • type of ordered photos – what type of photos – corporate or business photos (in short: the first ones are intended for employees and experts – usually when teamwork in the company is emphasized, business photos for organization leaders, brand managers and other employees – when we emphasize personality and charisma of an individual).
  • choosing a portrait photographer (about the aspect that will have the greatest impact on the quality of service and photos in the next part),
  • creating a vision – what photos we want to get – but here we can count on the help of a photographer, who should show examples of his implementation and advise good solutions for a specific organization, at the same time effective and cost-effective.

We Create Professional photos

A successful business session
is the sum of successes in many respects:
  • Understanding the needs,
  • help in choosing a styling,
  • selection of photo plans,
  • excellent, professional make-up,
  • nice and favorable light,
  • attention to posture and facial expressions,
  • symbolism of gestures,
  • professional post-production.
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