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The image of the leaders has a significant impact on the perception of the entire organization.

Our specialty is business photography, i.e. a photo session ideally suited to the image needs of the photographed person. The purpose of business photos is to create eye-catching images that emphasize the personality and charisma of the portrait subject.

If we want to gain the trust of our clients, we cannot remain anonymous. In making our choices, we do not only follow cool and matter-of-fact calculations, but also purely human issues, such as a friendly image of the company and the people who create it. A service dedicated specifically to organizations in which the personality and image of leaders has a significant impact on the perception of the entire organization.


Business photography is an invaluable “first impression”

Most people will probably see you in your photo first – on Linkedin, on a corporate website, in the footer of an email, in a CV, or in a press publication.

The features that will be assigned to the person in the first contact significantly affect the perception of that person in the later stage of the relationship. It is scientifically proven, the so-called the halo effect, i.e. assigning subsequent personality traits only on the basis of this first impression.

The first impression is mainly influenced by how you look in the photo. Therefore, you are not able to impress others with your knowledge, culture or cleverness. Later. In order for you to be positively received by another person who sees you for the first time, you must first of all inspire their trust.


Business photos – what needs does the client have?

Business photos – what needs does the client have?

Before the session, it is necessary to determine what photos the client expects, what is their purpose and what image effects should their publication bring – what do we communicate?

Contrary to what can be seen very often – these should not be pictures of people offended by the world with their arms crossed.
Sometimes a site visit in your office and in the vicinity is useful to find interesting photo sets and check how natural light works, which can be a powerful ally of the photographer during the shooting.

Thanks to the mobile studio, i.e. a set of studio lamps with its own battery power supply, we can work almost anywhere.



The course of a business photo session

to reliably price the photo sessions – we need basic session parameters – how many people, how many graphically prepared photos per person, the field of application of the photos and the planned date of the session,

-look for inspiration on the internet and find business photos in the aesthetics that suit you best,

you will receive a detailed cost estimate for a business session within 24 hours,

we will be one hour before the start of shooting to set the lighting of the shooting sets,

You will receive selected raw photos from the session (proofs) on the day of the session,

-we expect interested people to choose the numbers of photos for graphic preparation,

-from the moment when information about all photos selected for post-production – we need a week to process them,

-at the end of the process, we will send an invoice, with a 10-day payment term. 

From the offer to the graphically prepared material
How do we work for companies / business photography?
If you send us an inquiry, you will receive a quote for a business session in your company within 24 hours. We will understand the needs and together we will define its goals and assumptions. We will find the right locations and advise you on the dress code.
Once you involve us in your project ...
Business session
On the day of the shoot, we'll be there one hour before the shooting starts. We set the lighting of the photo sets so that during the session you can focus only on the people portrayed. There is always a make-up artist with us who also takes care of the hair and the appearance of clothes. The good atmosphere on the set is evidenced by the naturalness of the portrayed people - in fact this is our product - we sell naturalness and honesty in a clear and positive message. Don't just take our word for it - see this naturalness in our photos. We work efficiently, appreciating and respecting the time you spend on photos.
Photo material selection
We bring hundreds or even thousands of photos from the sessions - it's far too much to choose from without the help of photo management tools at our disposal. Therefore, although all photos from the session always belong to the client - we will make an initial selection - choosing more or less 20% of the best. You will get selected photos from the session on the day of the session. The choice will still be very wide. At this stage, we ask the customer to choose photos that we will prepare graphically. As a rule, this is the longest step in the process.
How do we work for companies / business photography?
If you send us an inquiry, you will receive a quote for a business session in your company within 24 hours. We will understand the needs and together we will define its goals and assumptions. We will find the right locations and advise you on the dress code.
Once you involve us in your project ...
Post-production of business photos
Contemporary professional photography practically does not exist without computer photo manipulation - and business photography is no exception. When you send us the numbers of photos selected for processing, thanks to skillful treatments in Lightroom and Photoshop, the photos will get the final atmosphere. We correct the contour of the figure, remove unnecessary elements of the composition, "iron the clothes", improve the complexion. We keep natural. We need a week to process selected photos.
Scope of rights
Along with paying the invoice, you get full copyright to their photos in all fields (excluding advertising), without time and territorial restrictions. Thanks to them, press publications, websites, folders, catalogs or annual reports will gain a lot. Your good image will gain.
After the entire process, which may take 8 days if you choose the photos quickly, we will issue an invoice with a 10-day payment term.
What do we follow and …

Why is it worth working with us / Corporate photography

Our approach is simple. We work efficiently, appreciating and respecting the time you spend on photos. We guarantee that you will get the product you expect.

We will understand your image needs and propose effective and tailored solutions. Good communication translates into a great atmosphere during photos, which is a prerequisite for good business photos.
Over ten years of work for the Polish edition of Forbes, Manager Magazine, Harvard Business Review. We specialize in working directly for companies and institutions that care about their image - I have completed hundreds of corporate and business sessions.
Photography (Greek φως, phōs, D. phōtós - light; gráphō - I write, graphein - draw, write, drawing with light) - light is the most important component in photography, without light there is no picture. In order to sensibly set the light during the session - you need to see it and understand its character.
We interpret most non-verbal behavior unconsciously. Non-verbal communication, where it is synchronized with the message, strongly supports verbal communication. We know the secrets of body language and non-verbal communication - and we are able to use this knowledge effectively during a business session.
Over the years, we have developed the most effective methods at every stage of session production, we have a well-coordinated team of specialists, but also set trends, and our work is based on the effective implementation of your image needs. And we still have a lot of fun with photography.
By implementing the project together with you, we offer you optimal value and quality. We understand that using our services is an investment in a purely business sense - and you are looking for real benefits. We offer an exceptionally favorable relationship between effectiveness - image effect and the cost of our services.

how to prepare for the Image Session

Image in Business Photography is control of details

The perception of the person seen in the photo is completely different from the way we perceive it in reality. During a live meeting, our attention focuses on many factors at the same time – appearance, gestures, facial expressions, manner of speaking and many others.

The photo freezes a fraction of a second in the image. We see a figure standing still, so our attention is drawn to details. It is worth taking care of them so that our image is presented in the best possible way.

The tips presented below may seem too detailed, but believe us, these are the details that attract attention in the photo.

Choosing the right outfit

How to prepare for the Image Session

In business relations, it is always worth choosing elegance. Elegance, however, has many names. A different dress code applies, for example, to legal or financial circles, and different to artistic circles. You should adjust your clothes to how you would like to be perceived. Do you value classics and seriousness in your industry, or do you expect creativity and unconventional nature? We recommend that the wardrobe emphasizes the strengths of the figure.

Regardless of everything, one thing remains the same: elegance, even the more extravagant, certainly makes us seem more competent.


Matching clothes

How to prepare for a Business Session

It is extremely important that the clothes fit well. If an item of clothing is too big or too small – it will be very visible in the photo. Underwear should not protrude or show through from under it.

In order for the outfit in the photo to look good, it should be clean and carefully ironed. We suggest bringing clothes straight from the laundry on a hanger and wearing them just before the photo session. Thanks to this, there will be no unsightly creases on the material.

Attention to detail

How to prepare for a photo session

A perfect image requires taking care of even the smallest details related to our appearance. A few of the most important points that we recommend paying attention to:


A business session usually requires elegant, classic makeup. However, photographic makeup differs in many respects from everyday makeup. Everyday makeup under studio lighting tends to be pale and sad. We highly recommend using the services of a professional who will not only emphasize the greatest advantages of beauty, but will also know what make-up to choose depending on the lighting and the type of photos taken.

Eyebrow regulation

Caring for eyebrows is an individual matter, some ladies regulate their eyebrows, others prefer naturalness. However, if you belong to the first group, please pay attention to it before the session, because single hairs growing beyond the ordered eyebrow line catch the eye in the photos.


Careful manicure and neat cuticles around the nails. What else to add?


Artistic disorder looks interesting live, but usually doesn’t work well in photos. A well-groomed, careful hairstyle looks much better and more professional. We also pay attention to the lack of roots in women who use hair coloring.


We strongly encourage you to perform a gentle face scrub the day before starting the session. As a result, dry skin will not be visible and the complexion will be radiant.

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