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Make-up for business photos

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Why is Make-up necessary for business photos?

In order to look good in the pictures, you need to prepare properly – dress properly, do your hair and make up.

Even the most beautiful models need the help of specialists before a photo shoot for fashion magazines – a few hours with make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers. In the case of corporate sessions, the time to devote to make-up is fortunately much shorter: for men it is 10-15 minutes and for ladies about 30-45 minutes.

Photo makeup is different from makeup for other occasions. It must take into account the photographer’s intentions, and above all the type of light that the portrait photographer will use.
A professional camera sees much more than the human eye. Every blemish on the skin, eczema, the smallest one in the morning – will be visible. Therefore, a well-made make-up for a session consists, among other things, in minimizing or completely eliminating such shortcomings.

Business make-up
Makeup for business photos is designed to even out the skin color and hide skin imperfections, both in women and men.
Business make-up photography / Aligning skin color and concealing skin imperfections (for men and women)
There is no perfect complexion. The color of the skin on the face is not uniform – as a rule, the nose is redder than the cheek, while under the eyes it is rather dark and bluish. The trick is to choose the right foundation that matches your skin tone. Another challenge is to use the right cosmetics to keep the skin matte all the time. The light from large studio flashes is used during business shooting.

It causes the skin that is not dull and begins to “glow” in the photos. This effect, from an image point of view, is at least undesirable. That is why it is very important to mattify with a professional, highly covering powder. Make-up is not only used to conceal skin imperfections, but can also be used to model the face. With the right cosmetics, we are able to change the proportions of selected parts of the face.

Everything that we darken – in the photo will be smaller than in reality. This way you can reduce a beard that is too large, a wide nose or too prominent cheekbones.

What do we follow
When doing business makeup for ladies, we remember a few rules.

First of all, this type of makeup is natural, light and delicate, suited to the character of the photographed person.

We have already mentioned the shade of the foundation which harmonizes with the complexion and thus does not create the so-called “mask effect”. An important element is to illuminate the skin under the eyes with a suitable concealer and apply a base to the eyelids.

The next step is to paint your eyes. We use eye shadows in subdued, neutral colors to emphasize the eyes. Gray, beige and brown will be universal.

Interesting fact – the eye makeup of people photographed with glasses differs depending on whether they have “pros or cons”.

Another element is the lips, which are emphasized with lipsticks and lip glosses, in shades of pink and delicate red, similar to the natural color of the lips. Too strong lipstick will make the lips dominate and attract too much attention, which will not work in a business portrait.

Interesting fact – the shade of lipstick and cheek blush work well together if they are of the same color range, e.g. in warm colors.


  • business makeup is designed to emphasize the beauty and create a harmonious whole with the business outfit
  • color cosmetics are selected in accordance with the color palette appropriate to the type of beauty
  • the foundation is perfectly matched to the skin, thanks to which we avoid the “mask effect”
  • the concealer masking dark circles under the eyes is a shade lighter than the foundation
  • apply a base on the eyelids, then emphasize the shape of the eyes with a gray, navy blue or brown line and model eyeshadows also in neutral shades
  • underline the eyelashes with black or graphite mascara
  • Outline the lips with a lip liner and paint with a lipstick or a lip gloss in a natural shade
  • Model the cheeks with bronzer, highlighter and blush
  • we powder the face to obtain an elegant, matte effect
Our Professional Stylists Team
Anastasia Makeup Stylist Clou Media
Anastasia Pereira
Makeup Stylist

Her philosophy is highlighting the individual natural beauty of every woman, giving the feeling of confidence and your best self.

She graduated a beauty school as a makeup&brow artist and bridal stylist in Moscow and keeps growing, regularly participating in makeup and hairstyling workshops of top professionals. She has been working for 4 years as a freelancer stylist on private photoshoots, weddings and other celebration events. She also teaches “makeup for yourself” course.


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Anastasia Onishko
Anastasia Onishko
Makeup Stylist

She is devoted to helping you look and feel like the best version of yourself – no matter the occasion! Everyone deserves to feel confident, glamorous and beautiful, and she will bring out the best in you with the power of makeup and hairstyling, and let you in on little tips and tricks.

She graduated at the Lilly meets Lola International Make-Up School and Artistry in 2014 and since has worked as a freelance makeup artist. She has worked with various private clients, photographers, other professional makeup artist, actors and several different companies. Anyone from a bride to fashion show organizers and e-commerce photographers can benefit from a professional styling or the personal “How To”- workshops!


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