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Online Digital Marketing Agency Munich

We are passionate about producing and designing immersive and impactful experiences that are designed specifically to spark an explosive digital journey.

From small businesses to corporations:  We have the tools and competence to create content designed specifically for you.

Our mission is to empower all our clients on the Digital frontier though targeted graphic design, the right movie for the right purpose, state-of-the-art e-learning solutions, and the latest in social media services.

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German CEO Excellence Awards

Most Client-Focused Immersive Digital Marketing CEO 2022

We are very happy to announce that Ewa Wiese win the German CEO Excellence Awards 2022 hosted by magazin: EU Business News

This is an important award for us

All the more we are pleased that we have been rewarded for what we base all our work on. On good contact with the client and providing him with all the necessary solutions to his individual problems.

Online Digital Marketing Agency Munich

Latest Projects
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Click and see our work.  If you still have time, read what advice we have prepared on the topics in which we not only work but also specialize.

Online Digital Marketing Agency Munich

Business Shooting
Business Shooting
28 September, 2022 in  Photography
Motorworld Monachium
Motorworld Monachium
25 June, 2022 in  Photography
6 June, 2022 in  Photography
Dr. Karla Kriwet, Bosh Siemensh Hausgeräte
Dr. Karla Kriwet, Bosh Siemensh Hausgeräte
1 May, 2022 in  Photography
23 April, 2022 in  Photography
Our photo on Apple Music – Viktor Minsky
Our photo on Apple Music – Viktor Minsky
22 April, 2022 in  Photography
Baron Albrecht von Weech
Baron Albrecht von Weech
19 April, 2022 in  Photography
Frohe Ostern
Frohe Ostern
17 April, 2022 in  Photography



We create a company in  which we would like to work ourselves. For us, clients are primarily business partners – people who have their goals, ambitions and dreams and who, like us, want to pursue them. For us, running an agency means building trust and mutual understanding.

We think through the prism of the goals and development of our clients’ business, and not through the tools we use for it, it is always secondary to us and results from the strategy. What distinguishes us is a team of the best specialists – people who not only have above-average competences, but also commit themselves, feel responsible for what they do and always have the courage to sign their work.

Ewa Wiese – Founder

The interactive industry and online reality is our everyday life and passion. We have recognized the client’s needs and provided solutions for many years. We follow changes in technology and marketing on an ongoing basis to better serve knowledge and experience.
Dialogue is the most important word defining the way of working with the client. We try to adapt to the project implementation model.
Each brand, like a human, has its own unique stories to tell and needs to be met. It can be increasing website traffic, building brand image or brand awareness, increasing sales in the store - these are just a small part of them.


1. Understanding the environment 
2. Defining, getting to know and evaluating the target groups
3. Checking and refining the results
4. Developing the right story
5. Elaborate the concept
6. Developing the new Design
7. Rollout

what client says…


Our domain is to do what is our passion and what we like, but it only makes sense if it goes hand in hand with our client’s needs.

Otherwise our work would have to be called artistic, and we are not artists … we are craftsmen.

Interview estetica expert
Estetica Expert

Clou Media has proven to be a solid, reliable partner with a flexible approach to our needs and ideas.

We would also like to mention that at each stage of project implementation, agency employees cared for timeliness.

We can certainly recommend this company as a professional contractor for creative and original advertising projects.

tango mit dem teufel
Gerd Kaap

(Recommendations added to Instagram in the writer’s account)

The trailer here in the post was produced by Clou Media – Munich. Order processing is uncomplicated, creative, quick and of the highest quality in terms of both content and technology.
Conclusion: absolutely recommendable!
(This is not paid and / or unpaid advertising, as it is commissioned and paid for by myself. It is my experience and my opinion on the production of the trailer: “Tango with the devil”).

lash gang
Lash Gang

In our cooperation, we especially value, apart from providing creative solutions, experience, timeliness, ease of contact with the agency and individual approach to our needs. The Clou Media Agency met all our needs. We recommend them as a reliable, matter-of-fact and honest partner that keeps the concluded contracts and makes every effort to ensure the highest standard of service with the full commitment of Clou Media representatives.

Derek Ruppenthal
R&D Integrated Security Systems GmBH

The tasks entrusted to the Clou Media Agency are carried out at very high level, while maintaining the required deadlines. When characterising our cooperation with Clou Media, I want to emphasise the great commitment and professionalism of the company’s employees, who are competent people and are able to meet all the expectations we set.

Plan B Contractors

So far, cooperation with the Clou Media Agency has been flawless. All orders were carried out on time, and the services provided were and are at the highest level. We highly recommend working with this agency.

Prof. Emilio Placer Maruri
Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte
Head of Gas Global Network Technology

We express our satisfaction with the cooperation with the Clou Media Agency. From the beginning of cooperation, the company shows ingenuity, openness to our suggestions and a very large knowledge of marketing and filmmaking.

Regardless of the project process and people cooperating with our company, all of them are characterized by a professional approach, reliability and timely execution of orders. We are pleased to recommend the services provided by the company.

Medicura Gmbh München
Martin König
Medicura GmbH

The Clou Media project team demonstrates extensive experience, substantive preparation and high commitment to the implementation of the entrusted tasks. Characteristic for Clou Media is flexibility and the ability to cooperate in the corporate environment. All previous projects have been carried out in understanding our needs and on time.

We recommend this agency.

logo EsteLine
Barbara Nowak
The owner

As a person who does not have much in common with the IT industry, I expected the cooperation mainly for advice and factual information.

The Clou Media agency met my expectations not only in terms of creating a website, but also advising me and solving my problems.

Clou Media employees are open, polite and friendly people. Their warm and friendly approach to the customer breaks down barriers, and a wide range of knowledge allows you to make decisions quickly.

I am pleased to recommend Clou Media to everyone who needs comprehensive services in the field of website development, SEO, graphic design and a reliable and timely approach to the entrusted task.

Haar- und Make-up-Stylistin München - fitz
Z. Fitz
Fitz Stylist

I had the pleasure to meet the Clou Media Agency employees on film and photo projects. They showed themselves as a professional, very warm team, listening to the client’s needs and delivering everything they promise in the highest quality and on time.

I didn’t hesitate the moment I had to choose an agence to design my logo. As always, they provided not only a high-quality design, but also a lot of professional advice.

I am very pleased and recommend this agency.

Monika Suder
Münchner Pietät

Wir arbeiten seit Anbeginn unseres Unternehmens mit Clou Media zusammen. Wir benötigen eine Agentur, die nicht nur eine Marketingstrategie und einen Marketingplan erstellt, die Konkurrenz und den Markt untersucht, sondern auch eine Website erstellt, unsere Kanäle in den sozialen Medien betreibt und die Spezifität und Feinheit versteht, die für unser Unternehmen erforderlich ist. Clou Media hat all unsere Erwartungen übertroffen und wir sind mehr als zufrieden. IhreMitarbeiter stehen uns immer mit Wissen und Rat zur Seite, sie sind immer zur Stelle, wenn wir sie brauchen. Wir haben gerade unseren Vertrag mit ihnen um ein weiteres Jahr verlängert. Wir empfehlen diese Agentur mit gutem Gewissen weiter.

Marcelline H.
Google review


Vielen Dank für die tolle Begegnung! Clou Media wurde beauftragt, die Bestattung meiner Großmutter fotografisch zu begleiten. Es war zu keiner Zeit unangenehm. Und die Fotos am Ende waren unglaublich schön. Es wurde darauf geachtet, ein paar “fröhlichere” Bilder zu machen. Das Gespräch im Anschluss, die Abwicklung und der Preis waren sehr respektvoll, unkompliziert und absolut fair.
Ich war fast schon überrascht, wie gut alles in so einer schlimmen Zeit geklappt hat.
Ich habe die Agentur (Frau Wiese) gleich im Nachgespräch für meine Hochzeit dieses Jahr angefragt.

Annie C.
Google Review


Auf der Suche nach einem guten Marketing Unternehmen stieß ich zufällig auf Clou Media. Die Zusammenarbeit und Beratung und das daraus resultierende Ergebnis, eine bessere Marktstellung, war genau auf meine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten.
Probleme wurde angesprochen und in Rücksprache mit mir zusammen gelöst. Top! SO wünscht man sich das.
Es wurde sofort gesehen wo der Hauptfokus nötig war, und man stand mir mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.

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