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We are passionate about producing and designing immersive and impactful live experiences that are designed specifically to spark an explosive digital journey.

From freelancers to creative entrepreneurs, we have tools, courses, and content designed specifically for you.

Our mission is to empower one million creative entrepreneurs and help them to learn in an easy and interesting way using the latest methods.


that bring your carieer to the next level

(sometimes called e-learning) is anywhere, any-time instruction delivered over the Internet or a corporate intranet to browser-equipped learners.
Explainer Videos
Explainer movies are short videos that explain complicated things in a simple way. Most often they talk about new products, services, company processes or strategies. Explainery is today used by thousands of companies around the world.
If you are not limited by the company's styleguide, please check out our ready-made templates. It may turn out that we can prepare a WBT in a few days.


1. Understanding the environment 
2. Defining, getting to know and evaluating the target groups
3. Checking and refining the results
4. Developing the right story
5. Elaborate the concept
6. Developing the new Design
7. Rollout


Web-Based Training eLearning München

WBT EXPRESS München – 01
WBT EXPRESS München – 02
WBT EXPRESS München – 03
WBT EXPRESS München – 04
WBT EXPRESS München – 05
Web-Based Training express offer in München – dark 01
Web Based Training express offer in München – dark 02
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explainer movies

Explainer Film 3D
Explainer Film in München – 2D
clou-media-elearning solution

Why is it worth investing in eLearning

accessibility, mobility and convenience – e-learning courses can be held anywhere with Internet access and at any time
effectiveness with interactive, multimedia forms of training – e-learning activates participants and increases the effectiveness of learning
the effects of the training are measurable – you can count eg points from quizzes or time spent by the participant at the training
efficient transfer of knowledge – we can train thousands of employees in one moment
cost reduction – the cost of training is much lower, especially when designing training for a larger group of people
save time and cut down additional costs – disassembled groups of employees can participate in the training without having to pay organizational costs (accommodation, renting training rooms, commuting)
flexibility and agility – the ability to quickly modify the content of Web-Based Training (WBT)
repeatability – the possibility of multiple passage through the path
uniformity – each participant reads exactly the same material in WBT

Beware in Web-Based Trainings we use gamification.

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