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Advertising and FILMMAKING agency in Munich

Munich film production


Focus on the benefits of your business.

We’ll make a movie about it. It’s easier than you think!


Content marketing. How Does is work?

Social media turned the advertising market upside down. Global corporations and small businesses are fighting side by side on Facebook, Instagram and other media channels. Everyone has the same chance to reach their customers – so it’s the right idea and professional realisation that counts!

We are an English-speaking advertising and filmmaking agency offering simple and transparent solutions laser-focused on the requirements of social media. We create short, aesthetic advertising films for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other channels. We support our clients with creativity and competence from idea to offer, from implementation to evaluation.

We shoot with our own crew and we can draw on a professional pool of ready to use resources, such as our vast music library.

We offer convenient packages tailored to your specific needs, in which we can offer unparalleled value for money. We deal with the entire production, from A to Z, delivering solutions that leave you as our customers with a tangible benefit: conveying what makes your business special, that your USPs are, and who you are in a concise, aesthetic and effective way.



Implementing social media video is easier than you might think. All you have to do is to provide us with your topic, or initial idea, and we’ll do the rest.




Just to let you know, here are some of the technical things that you definitely do not need to think about – but are all decisive on the overall quality: FPS (frames per second, 24, 25, 30, 60 etc.?)), resolution (HD?, 4K, 720p? etc), file format (mp4, m4v, mov etc.), duration, file size, color space, color table, compression rate, view of angles, focal lengths, light conditions, editing, intro, outro, sound effects, music, subtitles, effects, transitions, storyboard, licensing, copyright, – and many many more aspects you can happily forget about.

We deliver ready-to-use material, including music and/or animations  in the right format for your social media channel.


Munich film production

Oh, and what we do for you belongs to you. No strings attached. You will be granted full rights and ownership of your movie. Forever. No strings attached.


Munich film production

Contact us about your ideas and needs. You will receive a quick response and quote.

Check please our movies
We realize:
  • promotional videos
  • training videos
  • video instructions
  • coverage of events
  • testymonials
  • interviews
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