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Business session – work atmosphere

The perception of the company has a significant impact on its functioning in the environment.

Image is one of the company’s key assets. Undoubtedly, the social awareness of the importance of image in running a business has increased significantly. The image consists of both what we say, do and how we present our physicality. All these areas combine and permeate to create a single, coherent image of a company, enterprise or organization. The choice of image shaping tools depends on the company’s specifications and its individual needs – but business photography is a universal tool.

Shaping the image of the organization plays an important role in attracting new customers. Growing competition and continuous development of the organization make the image an important marketing goal. It is important that the organization is perceived and remembered positively in the mind of the environment. Business photography is an excellent tool for shaping the company’s image.

  • improving the image of the organization,
  • building trust towards the organization.
We will understand your image needs and propose effective and tailored solutions. Good communication translates into a great atmosphere during photos, which is a prerequisite for good business photos.
Over ten years of work for the Polish edition of Forbes, Manager Magazine, Harvard Business Review. We specialize in working directly for companies and institutions that care about their image - I have completed hundreds of corporate and business sessions.
Photography (Greek φως, phōs, D. phōtós - light; gráphō - I write, graphein - draw, write, drawing with light) - light is the most important component in photography, without light there is no picture. In order to sensibly set the light during the session - you need to see it and understand its character.
We interpret most non-verbal behavior unconsciously. Non-verbal communication, where it is synchronized with the message, strongly supports verbal communication. We know the secrets of body language and non-verbal communication - and we are able to use this knowledge effectively during a business session.
Over the years, we have developed the most effective methods at every stage of session production, we have a well-coordinated team of specialists, but also set trends, and our work is based on the effective implementation of your image needs. And we still have a lot of fun with photography.
By implementing the project together with you, we offer you optimal value and quality. We understand that using our services is an investment in a purely business sense - and you are looking for real benefits. We offer an exceptionally favorable relationship between effectiveness - image effect and the cost of our services.
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