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Corporate identity, visual identity

Marketing agency Munich- Corporate identity

Visual identification is a basic tool for creating the brand image of a company on the market. This term defines all symbols and behaviors used in the company to obtain clear and consistent market identification and to distinguish it from competing brands. A consistent visual system is the most important element of overall identification.

The visual identification system is a specific description of the procedures and graphic symbols used in the enterprise. It was created in order to obtain a clear and clear identification, which will logically refer to the logotype owned by the brand, and above all the values ​​professed by the brand and its organizational culture.

Thanks to the elements of the visual identity system of the recipient, i.e. potential customers and contractors have the ability to easily recognize the company or brand. Appropriate design of a visual identity system design is of particular importance at the beginning of business activity, when the first contact of market recipients with the company occurs. The first impression can be made only once, so you must ensure that the developed elements evoke the desired feelings and emotions for the recipients of the message.

Marketing agency Munich- Corporate identity
Rules for creating a visual identification system

When creating an identification system, remember that it has the right features. Such a system should be:

tailored to the company’s characteristics
unique, transparent, noticeable and memorable
evoking positive associations with the recipient
in line with company policy
Elements of visual identification system

The company’s visual identification system consists of visual and non-visual elements. The more broadly the whole system is treated, the greater will be its scope of impact.

Marketing agency Munich- Corporate identity

Visual identification elements include, among others:
  • Logo / logotype
  • company colors and typography – font type and size
  • corporate print, marketing and promotional materials
  • the appearance of products and their packaging
  • website appearance
  • employees’ dress code, design of the company’s headquarters and surroundings, fair stands, signs, etc.
    The official record of the above visual identification elements is the book of visual identification.


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