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Answer the public – free for bloger

Answer the public – after a face lifting

Elderly man with a beard from the facelift

Answer the public – free tool for bloger. If anyone knows this site, they probably also know the characteristic gentleman with a beard.

An older man looking sternly or gouging at us was replaced with a newer model. In addition to this cosmetic change, the number of free checks has been limited, prompting the search for alternative tools that create long-tailed queries.

What is Aswer the public?

The content creator knows that good text is not only the one that sells, but also provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding a specific issue, issue, etc. We call it topical authority – that is, the desire to cover all potential users’ questions for a key phrase, and hence – building credibility of the site in the eyes of readers and in the eyes of Google. And here the question arises, how do we know that the text will exhaust the topic, that it will be interesting and most importantly – useful, and thus provide eager readers with answers to their questions? There is never certainty, but there are clever tools that already at the stage of text planning can tell us a lot and direct us properly. The first of these is, of course, Google search engine, which will tell you what Internet users ask most often. But we know it!

Answer the public is a free online tool. It is actually a web page with a search engine that you can use to find the most frequently appearing queries on Google related to a specific word or key phrase


Writing a text that sells, but also will be substantively valuable for people reading it, is certainly not an easy task. If that were the case, our previous articles (and perhaps future ones) would certainly not have been written on which, of course, we invite you to read. However, in the era of the Internet, availability of information, reports, all kinds of publications, and of course Google and derivatives – we certainly have a much easier task. So let’s use the benefits of the Internet and create valuable texts.

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I know this web, but I didn’t find what they did, haha

This old one was funny 😉

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