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website – casestudy


As with any such project, the first and most important step was to analyze the client’s needs.

From the old IR Union website, it was difficult to deduce what exactly would be needed to build the company’s brand. The only clear information was that the company organizes Economic and Scientific Conferences.

During the meeting with Mr. Bozena Rainczuk (President IR – Union), we discussed the needs that we need to meet immediately and those that will be introduced over time.

Clou Media has proposed a color scheme that will match the existing IR Union logo, shape and page layout. The site will be responsive, i.e. it will recognize what format it should display. Later on, programs will be implemented to support the analysis of access to the site, which, together with SEO, will support IR-Union marketing activities.

Clou Media has divided the project into four parts.

The first and priority was the adaptation of the site to the forthcoming conference in January.

It was necessary to prepare a Landing Page, where guests and interested and guests can find all information about the conference. At the same time, it would be necessary to find information about similar conferences that took place in the past.

In the second stage

The site will be adapted to three languages ​​- German / English / Polish. Over time, other languages ​​will also be added, as per the demand and location of subsequent conferences.

Third stage
Building a brand, working on SEO and preparing a website to collect information about the Polish market.

Fourth stage
Work on a blog and news that will help understand IR-Union’s activities and inspire confidence in the company. In the next steps, Clou Media will develop a marketing strategy on social media and an analysis of marketing on the site and SM.



The new page made by our company can be seen at:

The new page made by our company can be seen at:

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