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10 proven tips on how to make better vacation photos

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10 proven tips on how to make better holiday photos

how to make better vacation photos

“You did it myself? Each photo is suitable for a postcard! “ – I heard from my friends, just after the joint viewing of my fotos from holidays.

Many times I met asking you to challenge ways to make good holiday photos. Such photographs that are not bored after a few minutes of watching and to which they are pleased to return after years, browsing albums or folders on the computer.

I would like to watch such photos on the profiles of my friends, family and clients our agency. I want to delight with beautiful presentations when friends invite me to a shared show just after returning from vacation.

I decided to write down all the advice I shared, answering dozens of questions. Thanks to this, in one place I will present you my tricks and tips on how to make better photos from the holiday / leaving / vacation.

10 proven tips on how to make better vacation photos

1. Save Click.

In the era of memory cards, portable discs and virtual clouds, we do not have to worry about the movie on the camera. However, too much pictures are overwhelming. Think about the one-week trip you will import a thousand photos. When will you find time to select the best?

Or maybe you’re going to watch and show them all? I’m sure that after 15 minutes your loved ones will be bored, unless you are an amazing speaker and you can tell something interesting about every photo;)

Remember that nowadays fewer means more. Imagine that you have an old 36-caged film in the camera and think every picture before you press the shutter button. In addition, it must be remembered that the equipment is also consuming and therefore not worth doing a few (next) photos of the same scenery (unless, for example, you create time-lapse animation).

how to make better vacation photos

2. Make a story.

Think in terms of photoreport with departure. Are you flying for the first time? Start from the entrance to the airport board. Are you afraid to fly? Write it! Show your emotions. Present the plane from such a perspective that will harmonize with your attitude. Let this photo speak for you. Do you meet interesting people on the go? Take a picture with them to remember them. Did you order the dish you’ve never tried before? Keep yourself like a blogger and first photograph it (after all, without a photo it does not taste the same!);) Thanks to such a “lifestyle” shots, your photo reporting will not be boring for the recipient.

3. Search for details.

Each country, the city, and even the district has its unusual peculiarities. Search for details, colors, textures specific to the place where you are staying. Italy has always been associated with laundry on a string, old Nessebar with a charming wooden build-up, and Cinque Terre with pastel, square cottages, built on steep slopes on the sea. Find staff that will best give the specific atmosphere. Lotarenki illuminating narrow streets, cafes with colorful tablecloths on tables, dilapidated doors and shutters, unusual food, subtitles on walls, residents during everyday activities, regional souvenirs, animals and vegetation … Do I have to exchange further?

4. Remember the basic principle of the composition.

Be sure to read the trial and find out where there are strong stacks of the frame (soon there will be a separate entry on this subject, and in the meantime you can see, for example, on YouTube). Aha, and straight a horizon. Always! 🙂

5. Take a back-up battery and card.

If you follow point 1, then probably the second card will not need you, but … it’s worth taking a backup, in case something has become the first one. Remember also to take additional batteries and charger. There is nothing worse than the unloaded battery halfway around the hotel, when only peaches and regional wine are far from the hotel.

6. Get out of a tourist route.

Disconnect for a moment from the group. Spend a few moments alone with you. I saw the most beautiful places in my life when I chose a custom path.

7. Minimize the amount of hardware.

I do not like to wear heavy luggage. Fact, I often do it, especially when I work, but on vacation I try to make my back and my arms a little rest. From the trip to the trip, I take less and less gadgets with you. I slowly strive for the minimal set in the form of a body + clear zoom, but above all I love fixed lenses and my lensbabs, which is why I still hardly part with them even on vacation, not to mention a tripod and other gadgets. When you pack a suitcase, try to be less sentimental than me 🙂

8. Try new techniques.

Experiment with new settings on the camera. Switch to manual mode. Create an interesting filter on the lens (you can use even sunglasses). Photograph from another corner than usual. Crouch, go to the tree, approach, take away, take a picture in a flatlay style. Creativity always in price! Thanks to this, the entire photorelation from the trip will gain values ​​and will be much more interesting.

9. Have eyes around the head.

Look on the right, left, down, up and above all: every now and then stop and look for yourself. Many times I caught myself that the most beautiful view stretched right behind my back. Follow the surroundings, observe your emotions, emerging in response to specific places, phenomena, details. Capture them to the team so you can play them later in the comfort of your own home.

10. Avoid boring photos against the background of famous monuments.

How many times did you see rigidly standing families or steam, posing on the background of the Eiffel tower, the Coliseum, the tower curve in Pisa or other known monument. How many times did you just pee? How much more interesting would be a picture where you do something happy with your companions? Or on which there is a movement, an interesting unconventional outside? Next time, when you want to do such a picture, think about how to activate the person in front of the lens. You can also come up with a few ideas, or make screenshots-inspiration and save them on your phone to wait for the right moment 🙂

I am convinced that after applying these tips on the next holidays, you will bring pictures that you will not be ashamed. I guarantee that watching such a diverse photorelation, no one will be bored!

Did you like this entry? Or maybe you want to share your own tip? I encourage you to leave a comment 🙂

how to make better vacation photos





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