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New instagram tools 2021 – success in social media
6 new Instagram tools that will develop e-commerce in 2021
If you’re still treating Instagram as your lifestyle platform at the end of 2020 – it’s time to wake up. The first alarm – according to a Facebook report, Instagram helps 80% of users make a purchase decision. Another alarm clock, 79% of people after seeing the product on this platform look for additional information, 37% visit the store, and 46% make a purchase.
Was für neue Sachen Instagram 2021
  1. Store on Instagram
  2. Tagging products in posts and stories
  3. Creating guides
  4. Provision of AR filters
  5. Shopping tab 6. Hashtags that sell

1. The Store tab on the brand profile

The store is available for business accounts and will be visible after entering the profile in the form of an additional tab. Activation takes place by creating and synchronizing the product catalog from the level of the linked Facebook page. Direct access to the brand’s products allows followers to view, save, share and easily navigate to the website, and ultimately, in-app purchase. Thus, you get access to numerous opportunities to promote your assortment – through posts, Stories, the Explore tab and a special Store tab on the profile, which took the place of notifications.

2. Marking products in posts

You can increase the user experience by tagging your products in your published photos. The tag is analogous to the one pointing to another profile, however the price is also displayed. After clicking, you will be redirected to the product card in the previously discussed Store tab, and from here you can convert the recipient’s attention to a website. The application allows you to mark up to 5 products on a single photo. Using this tool allows you to reach new users also through the Store tab. Posts with marked products are displayed there based on algorithms tailored to the user.

3. Creating guides

The function of guides appeared in mid-November and consists in creating a collection of posts in a uniform aesthetic approach. By presenting it in a more practical way, you get the opportunity to designate specific posts, in a special format that you can share both in a story, in a message, as well as in a card on the profile.

4. Providing AR filters

Filters took off in Snapchat’s popularity and are sympathized to this day. In addition, Instagram gives you the opportunity to share your overlay with a wider audience. After a correct layout, a dedicated tab will appear on the profile, and moreover, users viewing a special section with filters will also be able to find it there.

5. Discovering products in the Shopping tab

Such a significant change in the application panel is not indifferent to the user – the Activity tab has been replaced by the Shopping tab. It allows you to discover inspirations and specific products, similar to the Explore tab, but it is dedicated only to company profiles that actively use this application in their sales funnel. Based on the activity so far, the algorithms select the user specific product posts or product cards from company profiles.

6. Hashtags that sell

It is difficult to call them a new tool, but still not always properly used. Hashtagging photos is not only about gaining new followers – hashtags allow you to reach people interested in specific content, and can also increase sales. Their proper selection, consistent with the strategy, can have a positive effect on increasing the detectability of your brand’s posts. It is worth knowing popular hashtags corresponding to your industry, preferably of a niche nature. Combining them with attractive content will allow you to reach people who are actually interested in a specific topic, which is often the same as selling products. Additionally, if there are users who decide to follow your hashtags, you get a free marketing channel that you can use at any time.

What next updates can we expect in 2021?

All the tools mentioned above are just the beginning of the Instagram eco-empowerment revolution. Other functionalities are currently being tested. What can we keep in mind in the next steps of business communication?

– Making purchases directly in the application, i.e. Facebook Pay – Instagram has started testing this possibility in a beta version. The implementation of such a function will become an important element in scaling Instagram’s internal business model, and thus would position it as an e-commerce platform.

– In-stream shopping – adding product tags while running live, which is a kind of response to the popular trend of selling clothes during livs on Facebook. Featured products will appear at the bottom of the screen for viewers to purchase more than just when they are shown.

– Product labeling in InstaStories, which seems like a natural step in the product promotion update process.

– Instagram Reels, or Facebook’s response to the extreme popularity of TikTok. The feature is still being tested, but its enormous potential cannot be ignored. It allows you to create short videos in the application that can be instantly shared. It differs from InstaStories with numerous tools for dynamic editing, adding effects in the form of audio, filters, AR or numerous modifications in speed and cuts.

Keep in mind that Instagram can become one of the effective channels for reaching customers if the other sales activities are equally well coordinated. Building a brand image and creating customer experience in the e-commerce sector is a process that will not bring results and returns after a month. The starting point should be a strategy covering a number of activities, while adapting communication channels to the target group. All the events of 2020 made 2021 even more favorable to online sales, which is worth taking advantage of today!



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