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Aerial yoga – what does training in the air give us? Facts – Myths

Aerial yoga – what does training in the air give us? Facts – Myths

This time it will not be about marketing, photos or how to make movies. This time on the occasion of the project we will write a few words what Aerial Yoga is and what gives us training in the air.

Aerial yoga is gymnastics in the air, which is practiced on suspended sashes. Does the fight against gravity sculpt the body better than training in the gym?

An example of a movie that we made for a Yoga Club in Munich.

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Aerial yoga – what does training in the air give us? Facts – Myths

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga also called antigravity yoga is an innovative gymnastics created by choreographer Christopher Harrison in 2007. Since then, gymnastics in the air is gaining more and more supporters.

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is gymnastic classes involving the exercise of using a “hammock”, which is hanging material that is used to support weight. This material (also called a scarf) makes it easier to perform exercises even in an inverted position (head down), allows deeper stretching and relaxation of muscles.

Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga positions, gymnastics and pole dance elements. She takes out from these areas everything that is best for a female figure – it is a great general development training. Due to the fact that it is trained in the air, it encourages muscles to increase work. It turns out that fighting with your own body weight brings better results than shifting weights in the gym! Classes perfectly stimulate circulation, which has a positive effect on reducing cellulite. On the other hand, positions in which the head is hanging down best stimulate the thyroid gland. This is good news for those of us who are struggling with hypothyroidism. These exercises regulate the work of hormones and are a great massage for internal organs.

Aerial yoga – the benefits of exercise

It may seem that aerial yoga classes are difficult and not for everyone. It’s not true. Already after 2-3 classes, the trainee freely handles the hammock and easily performs all gymnastic figures. What’s more, aerial yoga is classes for both women and men. Exercise strengthens postural muscles, which are responsible for maintaining proper body posture.

In addition, regular aerial yoga trainings stretch the body, which increases the range of joint mobility and reduces muscle tone. Gymnastics in the air also works favorably on the work of the circulatory system. Each class begins with a solid warm-up that will prepare the body for intense effort. What’s more, quick cardio will get rid of excess fat. In short, aerial yoga makes the body more flexible, strengthens the arms and stomach without burdening the spine.

Aerial yoga facts

How many people have so many opinions – some people love her, others just the opposite. The facts speak for themselves – just look at its undeniable advantages!

– relaxes, relaxes and stretches;
– soothes tension;
– relieves the spine;
– relaxes muscles;
– mentally and physically relieves;
– strengthens the back;
– strengthens the arms;

Aerial yoga myths

– the material is weighed into the skin – yes, but ONLY if it is of poor quality
– the labyrinth goes crazy from exercise – only at first, because later the body gets used to the new activity
– overloads the body – exercises should be adjusted to your level of advancement


Aerial yoga – what does training in the air give us? Facts – Myths

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