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Business session – own or professional make-up?

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Business session – own or professional make-up?

Some photographers do not agree to taking photo sessions (even business ones) at all if the client does not have professional makeup. There is a lot of truth in this, because the make-up made by a person dealing with it is a very large added value to the session, affecting the end result. Below, we present the most common concerns of customers related to the use of professional makeup before a session:
Visagistin für eine Geschäftssitzung

The most common customer comment:

“I don’t wear makeup every day, so I don’t see the need to do make-up for the session / I will look like not me”

Just as in the case of video recordings it is said that “the camera adds weight”, so in photo sessions it is said that “the lens eats the makeup”. This means that the quite heavily painted eye we look at in the mirror will look much “lighter” in the photos. The same goes for face contouring or lip color. And photographic business make-up is much more delicate than wedding make-up or evening make-up.
In addition, the make-up artist always asks what make-up is used every day, what are the wishes of the client, what she is afraid of. She chooses the right colors for her complexion, hair color and outfit. Make-up is subdued, you can watch the creative process in the mirror on an ongoing basis and submit comments.
There is also always the possibility of making the so-called “make-up no make-up”, i.e. a make-up that is not visible, but evens out the skin color, gives light shading so that the face looks as natural and advantageous as possible.

Why men make-up?

Most of us do not have a perfect complexion and I am not talking only about some changes in the skin, but about its uneven color and, above all, proper matting. By standing under the lamp in a full suit, the skin can shine even more. And the lens doesn’t like that. Not everything can be saved during photo processing. I do not hide that the treatment itself can then take several times longer, without leading to the effect that would be achieved immediately with makeup. Men, when looking in the mirror after make-up, react very differently: from snorting laughter to “I look like Lenin”, but none of them regretted putting themselves in the hands of a make-up artist after seeing the effect in the photo.

I’ll paint myself

A photo session is a certain event for everyone (smaller or larger). He will stand under the lamps for an hour, do unnatural poses, a few styles for a disguise, etc. The customer sacrifices himself, expecting a professional service. And professional make-up is also part of the photo service. Maybe it is not needed for a photo for an ID card. But it is almost indispensable for image photos. Photo makeup is something completely different than self-makeup before leaving the house. Without arguing with anyone’s brush handling skills, it’s a bit like saying “I’ll take a picture of myself”. But sometimes, correcting an unevenly spread foundation can be a bigger challenge than removing skin imperfections :).

Business makeup for a photo session is characterized by lightness and naturalness and freshness, it cannot be exaggerated. However, you have to remember that business makeup for a photo session is also photo makeup, so it must be a bit stronger than everyday makeup. If you are not experienced in putting makeup on photos, you might be disappointed when you see the photos.


after all, the photos are retouched anyway

The more you can improve “live”, the better and the greater the chance of the most natural end result. Based on the reasoning that the photos are retouched anyway, we could not roll the jacket at all to remove the debris from it and not remove the thread hanging somewhere on the sleeve, because theoretically everything can be corrected in a photoshop. Unfortunately, only theoretically, because in practice the effect will either be exaggerated or the retouch will take a lot longer, which affects the price of the photo.

Why so expensive?

And staying in the area of ​​money. Why does make-up cost “so expensive” if it is just “a little face paint and brush wave”? Well, not only: the cosmetics that are used are not drugstore cosmetics, but professional makeup cosmetics. In addition, there is the “amortization” of professional brushes, the valuation of the time that a make-up artist spends on making make-up, access to the client, valuation of the experience and skills of a make-up artist. It is not only about making someone up for a photo, but also taking responsibility for choosing the right foundation, base cosmetics, colors, non-repainting, etc.



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