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Case Study: Creating a Poster for “Papa Eberhofer” Tagebuch eines Komikers 1

case Study

Case Study: Creating a Poster for “Papa Eberhofer” Tagebuch eines Komikers 1

Description of the Show: “Papa Eberhofer” Tagebuch eines Komikers 1 is a comedic theatrical production starring Eisi Gulp in the lead role. The client’s goal was to promote the premiere of this show by creating a poster that would grab the audience’s attention and pique their interest in Eisi Gulp’s performance and the comedic character of the show.
Objective: Design a poster that effectively communicates the humorous tone of the show and attracts the attention of the target audience.

Creative Process:

Research and Conceptualization:
  • Conducted research on the genre, tone, and target audience of the show.
  • Brainstormed ideas to best capture the humor and unique elements of the show.
  • Decided to utilize the fish-eye effect to emphasize the eccentricity and quirkiness of the main character, Papa Eberhofer, along with breaking the fonts in the title.
Photo Shoot:
  • Organized a photo shoot with Eisi Gulp portraying Papa Eberhofer.
  • Used a fish-eye lens to capture distorted and exaggerated features of buildings or scenery, adding to the comedic effect.
  • Experimented with various poses and expressions to find the most engaging shot.
Visual Design:
  • Selected the most attention-grabbing image from the photo shoot, featuring buildings with the fish-eye effect.
  • Applied color correction to enhance the vibrancy and surrealistic quality of the poster.
  • Incorporated fish elements into the design, such as fish drifting in the sky or other creative ways, to create an intriguing and abstract atmosphere.
Typography and Composition:
  • Chose bold fonts that complement the humorous theme of the show.
  • Strategically arranged text elements to ensure readability and visual balance.
  • Utilized interesting breaks in the fonts to attract attention and convey the character of the show.
Feedback and Revisions:
  • Presented the initial version of the poster to the client for feedback.
  • Incorporated client suggestions and made necessary revisions to further refine the design.
  • Ensured that the final design met the client’s expectations and effectively conveyed the desired message.

Outcome: The final poster effectively captures the humorous character of the show “Papa Eberhofer” Tagebuch eines Komikers 1. The fish-eye effect on buildings, combined with surreal elements like fish in the sky, creates a memorable and attention-grabbing image. Bold typography and vibrant colors draw attention and convey the comedic tone of the show. Overall, the poster serves as an effective promotional tool that encourages viewers to learn more about the show and entices them to attend.

Summary: Through a combination of creative vision, strategic planning, and collaboration with the client, the poster for “Papa Eberhofer” Tagebuch eines Komikers 1 effectively captures the essence of the show and promotes its premiere among the target audience. The innovative design and attention-grabbing elements contribute to its effectiveness as a marketing tool, sparking enthusiasm and anticipation for the show. We are delighted that renowned actor Eisi Gulp has once again benefited from the assistance of our agency.

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