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Clothing photography, fashion photos, lookbook

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Clothing photography, fashion photos, lookbook

What is Look-book?

Simply put, it’s a popular sales tool for a clothes designer. Sent to wholesalers and stores, on the basis of which they very often make specific orders. Its other role is to promote the collection in print magazines and online publications.

LookBook made in Munchen

Trends in this type of photography

Over the last few years, the characteristics of Look-books have changed dramatically. From very simple and economical forms, typically on a white or gray background, they have turned into extensive productions, often with advanced scenery, almost resembling large editorial sessions. However, this line is becoming increasingly blurred from season to season …

How much time do we need to make a look-book

When preparing the production of such a session, it is crucial to think very carefully about how much time realistically we need to complete it. It would be a great risk to try to squeeze a session of this type with, for example, 30 stylizations per day. In that case, we need a minimum of 2 days. However, it is obvious that when photographing a few to a dozen or so different variants, we only need one day. Note that all these seemingly small decisions have a significant impact on the costs that have to be incurred, and this applies to the budget of our session.

One of the areas of our activity is fashion photography.

We deal with the comprehensive implementation of photo shoots of clothing, accessories and entire collections. We organize fashion sessions for lookbooks, catalogs, magazines, advertising brochures. We focus on creative solutions supported by solid, many years of experience. We provide professional session execution, as well as support and consultations with make-up artists and stylists. We carefully select models to suit the character of a given brand.

At the beginning, we get acquainted with the collection thoroughly, which allows us to develop an optimal composition that fully shows the cut, as well as the characteristic features of the presented clothes. We try to ensure that the final effect matches the climate with which the client identifies himself. No element can be accidental: lighting, color palette, accessories and background.

Photos for your company’s fashion catalog

Fashion photography is about presenting clothes or cosmetics in such a way as to create in the customer the need to buy it. Fashion photos are primarily to inspire, delight and arouse the desire to have beautiful clothing or a perfect cosmetic. When taking photos for magazines, it is important to create a unique image of the photographed object, which is why I pay attention to the surroundings and scenery, stimulating the customer’s senses.

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