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Dalles Tracht and Influential Personalities – Photoshoot at Oktoberfest


Dalles Tracht and Influential Personalities – Photoshoot at Oktoberfest

Challenge: Dalles Tracht, a renowned brand specializing in traditional German attire, aimed to leverage the power of influencer marketing to promote their latest collection of lederhosen and dirndls at Oktoberfest in Munich. Their goal was to reach a wider audience through the participation of well-known influencers, who could contribute to increasing brand visibility and sales.

Solution: Collaborating with our agency, Dalles Tracht invited a group of notable influencers from the fashion and lifestyle spheres to participate in a photoshoot at Oktoberfest. The location for the shoot was carefully chosen – the heart of one of the festival tents, where the authentic atmosphere of the event could be captured. Influencers were dressed in the latest designs of lederhosen and dirndls from the Dalles Tracht collection. For this shoot, we selected photographer Ewa Wiese, who best suited the challenging situation typical of such sessions. Photos had to be taken extremely quickly, as the lighting and situations at the shoot changed rapidly. Many photos were unposed, capturing spontaneous moments to add authenticity.

Execution: During the photoshoot, emphasis was placed on capturing both the naturalness and authenticity of moments spent at Oktoberfest, as well as the refined style presented by the influencers. Photos were taken both during the day and in the afternoon to showcase the diverse atmosphere of the festival. Each influencer had the opportunity to showcase their own style of wearing lederhosen and dirndls, further enhancing the campaign’s appeal.

Results: The result of the photoshoot was a dynamic and diverse library of images that perfectly captured the spirit of Oktoberfest and the character of the Dalles Tracht collection. The photos were used in marketing campaigns on social media, the company’s website, and in industry publications, attracting the attention of new customers interested in traditional German fashion.

Summary: The photoshoot at Oktoberfest with Dalles Tracht and renowned influencers was a prime example of effective influencer marketing in promoting traditional German attire. Through the participation of well-known social media personalities, the company gained significant visibility and interest from new customers. This project underscored the versatility of lederhosen and dirndls as fashion items that can be worn with pride both at festivals and in everyday life.

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