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DEUTSCHES THEATER – Poster for Albrecht von Weech


DEUTSCHES THEATER – Poster for Albrecht von Weech

We are happy that once again Mr von Weech trusted our agency and commissioned the photography and poster design as well as the banners for the theatre’s website.

The Stage of the City of Munich is one of the most renowned stages in Germany and consists of several venues, including the Deutsches Theater. The Deutsches Theater was opened in 1896 and is one of the largest theater stages in Germany. It has several halls and can accommodate up to 1,600 spectators.

Throughout its history, the Deutsches Theater has brought numerous famous artists to the stage, including actors such as Marlene Dietrich and Klaus Kinski, as well as directors such as Max Reinhardt and Peter Stein. The theater’s repertoire includes a variety of genres, including classics such as Shakespeare and Brecht, as well as contemporary plays and musicals.

In addition to the Deutsches Theater, the Metropoltheater, Schauburg Theater, and Munich Volkstheater are also part of the Stage of the City of Munich. These venues offer a wide range of theater performances, concerts, readings, and other cultural events.

The Stage of the City of Munich is an important institution in the cultural life of Munich and attracts visitors from all over the world. The high quality of the performances and the renowned artists who perform here make the Stage of the City of Munich an indispensable part of the German theater scene.

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