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Effective car repair shop advertisement

Effective car repair shop advertisement

The huge competition on the market of automotive services means that every detail is important when acquiring potential customers who primarily decide about the profitability of their business. With a similar level of diagnostic, maintenance and repair services rendered, effective marketing activities are crucial. Broadly understood marketing is not only used to provide information on the scope of services provided, but is primarily a tool of competition between specific workshops and diagnostic stations existing on the market.

How  do contemporary workshops advertise?

In many ways. Mainly through leaflets, business cards and whispering advertising. The reason for this is the limited offer to the local market. This characterizes most workshops. Few owners can afford other forms of advertising or feel that they are unable to develop advertising materials on their own. Advertising expenses are usually limited to paying for a local newspaper, printing dozens of leaflets and business cards.

So how do you reach the customer and make workshop advertising effective? Here are some tips.

Effective car repair shop advertisement

“Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.”

An example of a movie that we made for car service.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

When running a garage, it should be remembered that a customer appearing for the first time in a specific service providing automotive services as a result of appropriate advertising, the decision to leave their vehicle in the workshop is made based on the first impression generated during a visit to it. It is impossible to determine the quality of services provided before carrying out maintenance or repair. This decision is primarily influenced by: the overall image of the workshop, the quality of workshop employees’ approach to clients and the price of services rendered.

Completely different factors influence the decision by the vehicle owner to choose the location of the next service or repair. Only the right approach of the workshop to the client and the performance of the service at a high level and within the set deadline means that he will return again to the same workshop. Otherwise, he will look for another service that will guarantee him a satisfactory level of service in all aspects.



In accordance with market realities and workshop practice, it is assumed that funds intended for advertising (marketing) purposes should oscillate in the amount of 1-3% of workshop turnover.

In the current reality of multimedia, one of the decisive methods of advertising is to have your own workshop website. These days are characterized by the fact that the vast majority of customers use internet access as the most important information medium. From the workshop point of view, having your own website is not too expensive, and allows you to enter current information on a regular basis. Updating the site also gives you amazing advertising and marketing opportunities.


Mechanic near me, i.e. local positioning

Unless car repair has been planned and does not count as specialized services (e.g. replacement of the rear beam or inspection of the gas system), drivers are looking for a garage in your area. If they don’t have a mechanic on the command, they use the search engine by entering phrases such as:

– Munich mechanic
– Munich car workshop
– Munich car mechanic
– Munich car repair
– Munich oil change
– Munich winter tires


In the event of an emergency, vehicle owners may also use keywords containing the phrase ‘near me’. If the search is on a mobile device or a landline device, Google will detect your location and show car repair facilities nearby.


To increase visibility on the local market, it is necessary to invest in local positioning, as well as in setting up and optimizing the Google Maps business card, which will help to get a good position in Google maps. You should also focus on the selection of local phrases, because positioning for general keywords (mechanic, car workshop, car repair) is associated with competing with automotive blogs, networks of car repair plants operating on a national scale, and websites aggregating ads, which will constitute cost solution.

It may seem complicated, but it is worth paying the agency dealing with website positioning (SEO) and be in the first place in the Google search engine.

Telephone number, contact details and location – facilitate customer contact

Contact details, i.e. address, telephone number and directions should be visible on the site so that the customer can quickly find and contact you. Most often, this type of information is placed in the footer of the site, on the contact subpage, and sometimes also above the main menu. It is also worth entering the appropriate markers in the page code and making a clickable phone number – thanks to this, after clicking on the digits on the mobile device, the connection will be automatically initiated.

Social media for car repairs

Using social media gives the company many benefits, including:

– customers use online portals to provide real-time feedback on what they like about tea rooms and what they would like to change;
– thanks to contact with customers, it is easy to see if the changes that the company intends to introduce will be accepted by them;
– opinions expressed by clients and published photos are part of spontaneous whisper marketing and turn out to be the best promotion for the premises;
– presence on social networks enables low cost reaching a large number of potential customers (and thus helps in acquiring them) and existing customers (by maintaining relationships with them, it is easier to get them back to the premises).

Setting up social media profiles is just the beginning. Getting followers is another challenge, unless you just invest the right advertising budget in building coverage among the target audience you’re interested in. There are also other tactics, such as cooperation with stronger profiles or influencers, or whispering in the right places, or profile activity outside your own channel. Instead of money, they require time and commitment.

However, no matter what social media you choose, remember to post regularly on your own channels. This is one of the reasons why you should think about how much time you can spend on marketing. Posts rarely, irregularly or too often will not be effective. Algorithms that decide what to show the user do not like irregularities. The solution to this problem will be the schedule of posting. It is worth remembering that Facebook allows you to plan your posts forward, so if you are afraid that you will forget about regular publication, you can immediately schedule a few entries for your backup. Post planning is also possible on Instagram, but requires the use of the Facebook Creator Studio tool, to which you can connect your Instagram account.

Be authentic in what you publish. Authenticity is what attracts people to content, what people appreciate and around which they build trust – even if it is not always the most beautiful and does not drip with ideals.

Try to publish what your fans like – target their tastes and emotions – emotions in interactions are key. If you want users to have positive experiences in contact with you and your company, refer to the values, tastes and emotions that are close to them.

Analyze statistics on the activity and viewership of your entries, draw conclusions on this basis to improve communication. Do not manage your profile based on intuition but on hard data. Social networking sites provide a range of tools to track statistics and responses after posting. Reach for this data as often as possible and think about improving your actions.


Facebook advertising

One of the most popular ways of advertising a car workshop on the internet is Facebook. The Facebook Ads advertising system makes it possible to display ads on this social network to its users for money. We can also specify people who will see the advertisement, e.g. in terms of age, gender or location. Choosing adults from a given city and interested in motorization, we can show them an advertisement for a dozen or so zlotys. This sum allows for several hundred – several thousand views. The advertisement has the form of e.g. a post, a banner in the right column or a video.

Advertising on Google

Paid Google search results are another and one of the most effective forms of promotion on the web. They are above the standard in which we find ourselves by owning a website and positioning it. By paying Google, we can add your score to the top of this list and attract many customers. Such advertising is effective and convenient. Many people who type in Google, for example, “Nowy Sącz mechanic”, will see our result at the top of the list. Many people also enjoy using such results even that they are marked as advertising. We pay in this option only for clicking and going to our website by the customer, which is fair. The Google Ads advertising system itself is also easy to use and available to everyone.

Google Maps

One of the most effective but underestimated ways to advertise a car repair service on the web is to add it to Google maps. Many people on Google Maps enter the name of the service and search locally for workshops, companies or services. Adding a Google My Business card is free, simple and uncomplicated. We can also place photos, information about the workshop and services, collect opinions or add opening hours. The person who writes the phrase “car workshop” on Google maps in our city will receive a pin on the map in the form of our business card.

the growing activity in social media and the growing popularity of marketing on extensive digital platforms means that more and more users express not only positive opinions, but also very negative complaints and dissatisfaction.

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