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Free advertisement in a small car repair company

Free advertisement in a small car repair company

If you run a business or intend to run it, you need an important thing – marketing.

Marketing will bring more customers to your company, and the more customers, the higher the profits. The truth is, the better your marketing, the simpler the sale.

A new era of information

We live in wonderful times when it comes to spreading information. The internet has made it possible for you to sell and buy whatever you want (with a few exceptions), wherever you are and at any time of the day or night.

The amazing thing is that the internet has taken over a huge portion of the newspaper market and has largely replaced traditional radio and television. Even the books have taken a digital form and today, if only a title was also published as an ebook, you can have it literally a few minutes after purchase.

However, if you use the Internet quite often, then you will agree with me that today it is ruled by four companies: Google, Youtube (which belongs to Google), Facebook and the Instagram, Twitter and Amazon that he bought. How to use the power of the “Giants”?

If you know how to create incredibly engaging content, then the world’s largest brands such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Youtube will promote you FOR FREE.

Not only that – some of them, like Youtube, can even pay you for doing great material at which they can place thematically related ads.


An example of a movie that we made for car repair company.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

Technology at your fingertips

Today, using a smartphone and a simple microphone, you are able to record such video that 10 years ago was recorded with equipment available only in the largest film studios in the world! Currently, every smartphone can record video in Full HD or 4K resolution, and until recently, even television did not broadcast the signal in such quality.

The transfer costs were almost huge, so there was no such thing as uploading video to your website.

At the moment, thanks to such portals as Youtube or Vimeo, you can publish videos completely free.

An amazing leap has taken place and those who can use it already derive fantastic benefits from it.

Appropriate use of the Internet to promote your business will give you a huge advantage over your competition.


How to double or even triple the number of customers?

Now I will show you what you need to do to use the world’s largest brands so that your customer base is constantly growing. Thanks to these activities, your business will be resistant to various types of turbulence and recessions.

When your competition worries about market fluctuations, you’ll know what to do to keep your company stable and strong.

Customers will come back to your company not because of the prices, but because of your personality and what you create. They will buy from you because of your professional approach to the topic.

Free advertisement in a small car repair

You get a map that just works!

What I have been practicing for a long time is multi-channel operation. This means that once created content can be given in the form of audio, video or text.

Of course, you don’t always have to use all three forms.

You can never be sure that your Facebook or Instagram channel will not be blocked. One thing you can be sure of, nothing can block your website, of course, if you pay for the server, domain, and publish content that is approved by law.


What does it mean?

All your activities on external platforms must always have one task, direct to the company website. Even if they block Instagram, the site will still work and other forms of advertising.


Get to know your client

By running a small car repair service, you can guess what customer you might have. Probably not the most expensive and the latest cars, but customers from the neighborhood who come by quite a cheap car. He is not interested in such a client if he will get coffee in a china cup and sit on the design sofa. It will be closer to ask how much it will cost and whether it can be repaired “yesterday”.
You know your client and his problems, your advertisement should be directed to him, that is, to local businesses, and a local resident.

If you know that most of your customers are under 25 years old, then probably well-chosen advertising on Facebook and generally all communication can be very effective. If your client is looking for a solution to a specific problem, e.g. wants to find a car mechanic in their area, then techniques related to articles, video content, positioning, Adwords activities or marking their plant on Google Maps may be a better solution.

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