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Free digital calendar 2021

Enjoy the freedom of handwriting

504 linked pages, about 70 000  hyperlinked tabs

This digital planner contains hyperlinks that enable you to jump to any monthly, weekly or daily page for the time period that the planner is dated for.

It is a hyperlinked PDF template* Hyperlinks allow for fast & smooth navigation
(when you click on a certain date it takes you there in one click)
It requires an APP to be such as GoodNotes5, Notability, Noteshelf, ZoomNotes or other pdf annotation Apps on iPad & iPad Pro
or NOTESHELF and XODO APP on Android & Windows devices (8.0 and up)

The planner includes dated yearly, monthly, weekly and daily pages interlinked with over 70000 hyperlinks, enabling you a quick access to any related section in only one click!

Those pages are hyperlinked to corresponding sections of the planner such as:

• Habit, Reflection Tracker
• TO DO list, NOTES
• Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily  Pages


This Notebook can be used on Notability, Goodnotes 4, Goodnotes 5, Noteshelf 2 and Xodo.

Please note:

• This listing is for an Instant Download (zip.). No physical product will be delivered.
• PERSONAL USE ONLY. May not be Redistributed, resold, altered or used in Commercial in any way.
• Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors.
• For commercial use and custom order please contact us.

If you appreciate, please leave a comment or like and share, that more people can use.

Free Digital Calendar 2021


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Comments (18)

Thank you for this! I especially love the reason! Saving trees, and by extension the planet, is a favorite cause for me since childhood and I am 40! Good job!

A lot of people buy a tablet not only for gaming, but for work, so we strongly urge everyone to use it in this way, keeping notes and calendar in one place, without using paper. Because that was the original meaning of computers and later tablets 🙂

It’s so good

Thank you!

Thank you so much! Amazing product!

Our pleasure!

Thank you for this gift! It is super good. Functional and simple to use. I am very encouraged to use less paper.

Im happy to hear, that you like it, thank you for the comment!

Fantastic. You are really helping a lot of people and our world.
Thanks very much,

our pleasure 🙂
Thank you for comment 🙂

Thank You very much!
It is fantastic. Functional and simple to use :).

We are happy to hear this 🙂 Thank you!

Andrea Arrigoni

This is GREAT!!! It’s the best planner that I’ve seen so far and it’s free!!! Similar products are available for $20 or so… So: THANK YOU. Now I have a good planner on my remarkable!

Thank you! we are glad that you like it 🙂

Edgardo Bartolomei

First,Whao… Amazing Work, Thank You for this amazing Planner. Really nice and lot of work in that, I was search for something similar but not found and start working in my own version of planner this have almost all I put in my version, only left money tracker. But I use notes or other page and adapt money tracker. I do mine for 2022. But this for now is really good. Thank You.

Thank you for kind words 🙂

Wow! this calendar is amazing!!! Good job! I’m using the file in my Boox Note Air because i didn’t find any properly app for a handwritten calendar.
is the calendar for 2022 already available?

Thank you!

thank you! Yes, new callendar for 2022 you can find up of the comments in “MORE FREE” staff:)

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