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Great2stay’s Leadership – Exclusive Photo Shoot


Great2stay’s Leadership – Exclusive Photo Shoot

In a departure from traditional corporate photography, Clou Media recently had the pleasure of conducting a casual business photoshoot with the esteemed leadership team of Great2stay. This unconventional approach sought to capture the essence of Great2stay’s dynamic leadership in a relaxed and approachable setting.

About Great2stay:

Great2stay stands at the forefront of redefining the hospitality industry with its innovative approach to guest experiences. Led by seasoned professionals including Heiko Grote, Andreas Turnwald, Andreas Erben, and Holger Behrens, Great2stay is committed to merging tradition with flexibility, offering unparalleled hospitality backed by cutting-edge technology.

With a portfolio of 45 hotels across the DACH region, Great2stay aims to provide unforgettable guest experiences by centralizing operations within hotel sectors, ensuring consistent quality standards across all properties.


Clou Media’s Approach:

Clou Media’s approach to the photoshoot was centered on capturing the authentic personalities and camaraderie of Great2stay’s leadership team. Opting for a casual business theme, we aimed to showcase the approachable nature and collaborative spirit of the executives.

The photoshoot took place in a relaxed environment within one of Great2stay’s flagship hotels, providing a natural backdrop that complemented the casual yet professional vibe. Our photographers skillfully captured candid moments of interaction and engagement, highlighting the genuine rapport shared among the leadership team.


Case Study:

The casual business photoshoot with Great2stay’s leadership team exemplifies Clou Media’s ability to think outside the box and tailor our approach to suit the unique needs and brand identity of our clients. By eschewing formalities in favor of a more relaxed atmosphere, we were able to capture the authenticity and approachability that define Great2stay’s leadership style.

Through compelling imagery, we successfully conveyed the dynamic energy and collaborative spirit that drive Great2stay’s innovative vision for the hospitality industry. As Great2stay continues to set new standards in guest experiences, our partnership stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling in capturing the essence of a brand and its leadership team.


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