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Hashtags Instagram 2020 – 3 simple steps that will make your profile grow!

Hashtags are a very important part of your profile strategy, especially if you are not yet recognizable celebrities of the internet world.

They allow you to reach new customers, promote the brand and sell your products and services to the right people.

Before you become a new top influencer or Instagram brand, you need to work a little on promoting your profile.

1. The subject and language of hashtags tailored to the content and location, i.e. achieving the basic goals of your account.


We want to get everything quickly, directly and easily. If this does not happen, we are discouraged and look for a solution elsewhere that will allow us to meet these needs. After all, attachment is not what counts, but effect. Among other things, that’s why when designing pages, designers go out of their way to make it easier for the customer to shorten the required clicks during his visit to the site. The less effort a user has to put in, the greater the chance that he will achieve the company’s marketing and sales goals.

It is no different on Instagram.

It is no different on Instagram.

When searching for specific content, you enter specific hashtags that specify the topic in Instagram’s search engine. Your intention is to receive photos related to the selected topic. If you are looking for cute cats with a hat, you are not necessarily interested in a selfie, a photo of a flower or a leg.

You describe the content of the photo with a hashtag.

The visual page of our publication is visible first in the hashtags grid and it is the factor that first decides whether someone will click on your publication and read its description, and maybe even your profile. However, there are more goals, including sales goals. If you run a business and you do not care only about becoming a recognizable creator, but acquiring customers, you must remember that you publish for people from a specific country (and even city). Using English hashtags for photos of your business selling ties in a stationary store in Munich can bring you likes and observations from around the world, but not necessarily customers.

Hashtags Instagram 2020 – 3 simple steps that will make your profile grow

Searching on hashtags on Instagram – how to find niche hashtags?

When searching for new hashtags, you can use the Instagram search engine and enter topics related to your latest publication. Instagram offers similar hashtags (list) and related (after going to the hashtag page).

You can also use automatic solutions that, after a few hours of searching Instagram for hashtags, will shorten your work to a few clicks.

For IQhashtags, you can also choose the hashtag language to search for your account.
The tool examines the location of users who use selected hashtags and prompts them accordingly for your (selected) language.

What else can you do if you have already decided on an external solution?

On the IQhashtags page, you can also analyze the hashtag engagement from the list and sort the results by likes and comments. Check if the hashtag has already been used in your account.
The more diverse the hashtags, the better for your reach.
You reach new audiences, instead of having to constantly mix up the same people who have known you from ten other publications under the same hashtag.
Also look at the “trends” tab and see what hashtags are growing rapidly.

The search engine automatically rejects banned hashatgi, so you don’t have to worry about your post being hidden. If you search for hashags manually, you must always check your hashtags for any bans.

You can use the Banned Hashtags tool.


2. Hashtag reach – what depends on how many views you get from hashtags?

Why is the reach of your hashtags sometimes low and sometimes high? The appearance of your photo in the most popular photos (TOP 9) of your hashtags is responsible for the range of hashtags. Selected, i.e. a set of hashtags that you published under your new photo. The more high positions (from 1 to 9) in the most popular photos of the hashtags you have chosen, the greater the range of hashtags your photo will get. The fewer high positions (from 1 to 9) or the total absence of your photo in the most popular photos of the selected hashtag, the smaller the range of hashtags your photo will get.

This means that if you want to get a lot of views for your photo, you’ll always try to optimize your actions so that your photo gets a high position in the ranking of popular photos of selected hashtags (TOP9).

TOP 9 – what is it and how does it work?

The TOP 9 are the most popular photos that have been published under a given hashtag. The photo tab with popular photos under a given hashtag is the first view that is presented to every user visiting a selected hashtag. Whether a photo is popular is primarily influenced by its interest:

  • likes,
  • comments,
  • available,
  • time spent in the photo and reading its description, etc.
    Immediately after publication, your followers express such interest, so make sure they are of good quality and involved in your content.

One photo can simultaneously hit the 30 best photo hashtags, that is, as many as can be added under the photo.

Under the big hashtag, competition is very high, which means that it is used by many other creators whose profiles can be characterized by a larger and more engaged community.

Why does hashtag size matter?

Therefore, you may have difficulty getting to the top 9 most popular photographs of this hashtag. As a result, your hashtag reach will be low and you’ll get the impression that your hashtags are not working. Under large hashtags, you compete with larger, more reachable creators who are characterized by greater interest in their content and engagement of recipients.

Using too small hashtags can also be a bad idea.

Hashtags that no one visits will increase your visibility, and thus your profile interaction and reach. Too small hashtags can work for your views when the hashtag is discovered, but in the first hours, days or weeks (and sometimes even months) they will not produce satisfactory results.

How do you specify the hashtag size for your profile?

Determining the size of hashtags that will fit into your account statistics and help fuel the popularity of your content is not so difficult. However, this is not a rule “an account with X thousand followers should use hashtags from the range of X thousand posts to XXX thousand posts”.

Reject such statements to myths!

Such theories, unfortunately, do not provide for the fact that each creator communicates to a different niche, and even if it coincides with the theme of your account, the involvement of observers of both profiles can be completely different. The quality of the content, publication time and other promotion methods are also significant here. A lot of elements that affect the final result, right? That is why there is no rule to associate the account size with the hashtag size you should use. The basis for determining the size are always tests.

How to test the size of hashtags on Instagram?

For months, the Hashtag Performance solution has been available on the market, which allows you to analyze the range of hashtags for individual photographs and select them based on the results.

Using the tool, you can monitor under which hashtags you managed to get the TOP position, and thus get the largest reach. Pictures that have won the TOP 9 position will be marked with a green marker. Based on the list of hashtags and green marked items, write down the sizes of the hashtags, and then indicate the largest and smallest ones.

When searching for new hashtags, use this scope and test how it affects your results. If you decide that your views are still not enough, expand your ranges by several thousand (up and down) and keep testing. Also constantly analyze results in Hashtag Performance. Remember that the tool examines the latest photos, their positions, i.e. those that have been added to your profile after starting a paid subscription.

Archived data is not available, which is quite obvious, considering that the tool would have to analyze your profile before adding it to the database.

3. Analyze your results and improve your strategy

Instagram and your profile are like a living organism.

All elements are dependent on each other, and not every body reacts identically to the same stimuli and treatment. If an important body is not functioning properly, the others may not be able to make up for these shortcomings. Some organs are less important and their temporary indisposition will not be very noticeable.

Others can prevent the entire body from functioning by killing the promotion of your content. At the same time, each organ can have many different diseases, just because a different profile has banned hashtags doesn’t mean that in the context of hashtags your problem is the same. Also, try not to conduct mass treatment and at the same time improve all elements at once. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clearly identify which items have failed and which are working.


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