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Hashtags on Instagram – How to choose hashtags in 2021
In this article you will find the best Instagram tricks that will definitely increase the popularity of your profile. Since its launch, Instagram has grown to become the largest social photo sharing site in the world. One of the biggest reasons for Instagram’s success over its competitors was that it was extremely easy to use. However, as is always the case with any service, what seems easy at first is not one to dig into the strategy. Today, a few words about hashtags.

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Instagram hashtags will show others the way to your profile.

Thanks to hashtags, you can reach up to 80% of new people. And strategically selecting hashtags you will find people you care about the most; potential followers and customers. What’s more, you’ll increase the commitment you need to develop your profile and achieve your business goals. That’s right, hashtags require a strategic approach, testing and… patience.

Read in this post how to choose hashtags on Instagram in 2021!

Success with hashtags is not immediately guaranteed Instagram first needs to understand the subject of your account, meaning you consistently publish posts for some time that you tag with hashtags that define your niche. For example, if you are a photographer, you use hashtags related to photography, if you are a coach, you use hashtags related to coaching. Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to hashtags or time. It’s understandable – Instagram hashtags are one of the controversial topics (apart from the Instagram algorithm). I have been testing the hashtag strategy for a long time and have found a system that I use on my clients’ accounts. Today I will tell you how I use hashtags and what tool I use to choose hashtags. But let’s start at the beginning.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is simply a word or a combination of keywords (numbers and emoticons are allowed too). Hashtags are used for thematic grouping of content on Instagram (on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and TikToku, too). Before the word or phrase there is the sign “#” – hashtag. Thanks to hashtags you can find what you are looking for on Instagram. This is very important on a platform where millions of photos and videos are published every day. Without hashtags, you wouldn’t find what interests you on Instagram. Instagram would be like a big drawer full of individual socks.

Instagram hashtags – how do they work?

Hashtags work like keywords typed into the Google search engine. You type a word (or phrase) and the pages that are best positioned for those words are shown. It works the same on Instagram – you enter a hashtag in the Instagram search engine. Your task is for the client to find your post marked with this hashtag.

I will explain it with an example. Imagine you are a customer yourself. You want to find a hairdresser in Munich. You open a Google search engine and enter the phrase: “hairdresser Munich”. When you press enter, you expect a list of hairdressers in Munich to appear in the search results.

If that’s the case then it’s okay. But if there are links to hairdressers’ websites from another city or websites that have nothing to do with hairdressing, I assume that you will get a little irritated.

Hashtags work the same way. If you enter a word or a few words in the hashtag search engine, you want to find only relevant content that matches what you are looking for.


Positioning of Instagram posts in the top 9

Well-chosen hashtags in terms of their importance and size will help you rank your content in the top 9 on the hashtag page. This means that your post is “hanging” at the very top of the hashtag page you are using. Your goal is to be one of the first posts your audience sees. This means greater visibility of your content, your brand and a chance to reach a new follower and customer.

How to choose hashtags on Instagram in 2021?

The tool I use and I just love this Flick. Flick helps me choose hashtags without having to search manually. Using Flick means no more guessing which hashtags actually help you increase your reach and find your potential followers / customers a way to your profile. The link here gives you the opportunity to try Flick 7 days for free. If you don’t like the tool, just cancel your subscription. Choosing hashtags is something worth paying attention to and time, because it is a free promotion of your content and brand. If you choose hashtags strategically, your content has a chance to be noticed by people with the selected profile, and people you care about will engage in it.


The hashtag matching key

Below I will explain how to strategically choose hashtags:

1. Hashtags should be about what you post

Hashtags must be properly selected. Good hashtags take into account what you publish and for whom; choose hashtags that relate to the topic of the post, the target group you want to reach. They best describe your industry and the product and service you offer. The most important thing is not to use hashtags that have nothing to do with what the post is about. Not only will it not help you at all, but it can also be considered plain spam by Instagram.

2. Hashtags should be of appropriate size

Focus on hashtags that match the size of your account.

3. Hashtags cannot be too competitive

Don’t use huge multi-million hashtags; it is very difficult to position yourself on these hashtags.

Choose between 20 and 30 hashtags.

Hashtags, along with a strategy and plan for your content, will help you start growing your brand on Instagram. You need support – take advantage of individual consultation with us. Write to us today – Click and write an email or call us:


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