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How Instagram proposes friends to follow

What you should pay special attention to is profile activity, interest in a given topic and the relationship you create with Instagram users.

1. Instagram connects people with similar interests. If you’ve become interested in books and reviews of new books, Instagram will read your interest and suggest even more of this type of content. It will focus not only on people and photos in your feed, but also people who are similar to you and have a sneak peak at the field.

2. Instagram will match proposed friends by activity. In the proposed ones, you will find not only active, regular users, but also new Instagramers who are just starting out in the application. Additionally, Instagram will recommend popular people to you more because it considers their content important to society, users. Instagram, wanting to keep you in the application as long as possible, will show you what is interesting and attracts attention.


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3. In the feed you will always see the posts of people with whom you have good and frequent contact. There is nothing to cheat. Instagram stories are very important and really make a difference to the VALUE of our account.

How Instagram proposes friends via settings

On the phone, after selecting SETTINGS and then MEET PEOPLE, a window will pop up, thanks to which we can easily connect our contacts with Instagram.

A nice option to start with, for those who are just developing their Instagram account. We have two options here: “Connect to Facebook” and “Connect contacts”. Both options will work if:

you have linked your Instagram profile with your Facebook account,
you entered your phone number into the Instagram application.

Similar Instagram account suggestions

Surely you’ve seen an interesting profile on Instagram, and right after that, the application displayed a frame with similar accounts that you might also be interested in. This is quite a common case and can be irritating at times. The principle of operation in this case is the same as that described above. As an Instagram user, you have the option to block this feature, but with some downsides.

How to turn off suggestions for similar Instagram followers

If you do not want people who observe you to receive suggestions from other profiles similar to you, just turn off this option in your settings. Log in to your profile, click “Edit Profile” and then uncheck “add your account when you recommend similar accounts to follow”.


How Instagram proposes friends to follow



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