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What is BIO and how to make BIO on Instagram

tips – Instagram for the begginers

What is bio and How to make it on instagram?

Currently, we live in times when virtually every person has constant access to the Internet. We can say that most people use a variety of Social Media when using the Internet.

These portals have a lot of users and their number is constantly growing. Therefore, if you run your business and want to properly advertise your services or products, it is worth getting interested in the topic of Social Media. Thanks to these websites, by investing your time, we can advertise your company for free.

1. How to advertise in social media?

The method of advertising depends on the website we want to use to develop our brand. Nowadays, these portals are the most popular:

As the topic is extensive, today we only deal with Instagram.

2. How to advertise on Instagram?

The brand that has also gained popularity in recent times is undoubtedly Instagram. We can publish both movies and pictures on this social network. The first step to successfully advertise on this site is to create an account (as in the case of Facebook, we should take care of a name. If you create for your company, the best idea will be the name of your company).

The Instagram profile picture is a Square with a minimum size of 110 × 110 px. It is also worth saying about two things that you fill in when creating an account and a little trick by the way 🙂


Username and full name

Username and Full name. In the case of private Instagram accounts, these two fields almost coincide. A username is something universal for any account, after which we can search for pages of interest to us. No two are alike. It is always the at sign (@) followed by a string. For example, our agency’s account can be found on Instagram under the name @clou_media.

What is an Instagram Bio?

Bio on Instagram is nothing more than our online business card, from which other website users can quickly read what we do, what we post and how to contact us. Or at least in theory, because Instagrammers often have no idea how to best manage this place. How you use them is your individual matter, but if you want to promote your business or profile on Instagram, it is worth remembering a few basic rules.

150 characters – that’s exactly the limit for this Instagram section. So it is not much longer than Tweet (140 characters) and now you should include what you do, call to action and a link to e.g. buy your latest book. Specialists recommend writing a biography not from our point of view (“hello, I’m Jan Kowalski, I’m dealing with x, y, z”), but at this point to give some value to the potential client / problem that you can solve for him.

What should be in our Instagram bio?


# 1. Username

An item that should be short and easy to remember. This is the part that appears at the very top of your profile and at the end of the link to your Instagram account. Here you can simply use the name of your brand, company, or if you are the creator – your own name.

However, do not include your website address in the username [eg.] because it is contrary to the regulations of Instagram and may consequently lead to the deletion of the account.

Also remember that the username can be searched in the Instagram search engine, so it is worth making such searches easier for people who will want to find us


# 2. A good profile picture

It should be expressive, with intense colors – so that it attracts attention in Stories and profile, and is easy to remember. It’s nice to show yourself and your face (unless you run a business profile – then the logo is perfectly justified here). It is worth trying to take a photo of yourself, e.g. with expressive makeup, red elements in the photo, intense colors or on an interesting background.


# 3. Name / nick

Item that displays at the beginning of the resume section of your profile. This is where you can, for example, enter your name and surname, blog name, YouTube channel or other relevant messages, thanks to which you will be able to find your profile (nickname / name is another element that can be found in the Instagram search engine)


# 4. Brief information about what we do or what your profile is about

Such information should be easy to read and conspicuous. When someone visits our profile, they usually spend just a few seconds for a minute, doing quick research. Give yourself a chance and write briefly, clearly and to the point what your profile and Insta Story are about, what you are sharing and what can be expected by following you on Instagram. Avoid sentences – you can safely put only passwords / keywords here and use emoticons.

Remember: you only have 150 characters available here!

# 5. Contact details

Add a lead to yourself in the form of an e-mail address by which you can contact us. To avoid spam, you can put “(at)” in place of monkey (@) for example. Why is it worth providing mai even if you have email contact enabled in your profile options? Because it is visible and active only at the level of the app – unfortunately it does not work on the web, so people looking for contact via the browser will not be able to find you.

# 6. Link to our site on the web

Bio on Instagram is the only place where every user (regardless of the number of followers) can post an active link. Be sure to add your own website, or the website of your company.

# 7. Location

If you run a local business, location is a must-have for your Instagram bio! If you blog or develop an Instagram profile, it is also worth providing the location – agencies often look for people from specific places / cities for the campaign

# 8. Call to action

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can also add active buttons (from the level of the mobile application) to your bio, which will allow users to contact you (by e-mail or phone) and check the location of your business.



When creating a bio on Instagram, remember to put as much relevant information as possible in a short form (150 characters) 🙂

  • let yourself be found! remember about the appropriate username and nickname
  • use short, specific phrases and keywords
  • avoid sentences and unnecessary phrases that take up valuable space
  • use emoji – one picture is worth more than a thousand words 🙂
  • use the space for an active link in your profile wisely
  • remember about a good and distinctive profile picture
  • think about adding a location
  • share the contact information for yourself – even if you have an email or phone number specified in call to action in your profile



Click Here and Check our BIO on Instagram



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