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How to build and equip a home vlogging studio?

How to build and equip a home vlogging studio – Tips and trick for the beginners

Many of us dream of having our own corner where we can produce YouTube videos in peace…

Many of us dream of having our own corner where we can produce YouTube videos in peace, e.g. for video marketing, make live broadcasts on social media or record lessons for our online training. I used the word “angle” on purpose because, contrary to appearances, you don’t have to have a whole room to have a home studio for filming. Sometimes one wall in your studio or office and well-organized space is enough. How to build such a studio to record the best video and livestream materials?

Square format used for social media.

How to build and equip a home vlogging studio

Room acoustics, or how to silence a room?

Regardless of whether you want to adapt the entire room to build a studio, or just a part of it, its acoustics should be one of the most important points on your list. People forgive you for poor movie quality, but won’t stay with you if the audio is poor. Therefore, start by damping the room to get rid of reverberation.

How to suppress sound for recording

The more objects in the room, the less reverberation, as these objects will obstruct the reflected sound waves and either distract or absorb them. The ideal solution is to buy absorbing panels or acoustic foams and place them on the walls. However, this is a permanent procedure, and not everyone wants to make a studio out of their room. Therefore, a good solution is to make blanket walls, put a rug on the floor. With little it is enough to eliminate reverberation almost completely and to have ear-pleasing audio in your video productions.

What are bass traps

The bass traps are also important, as they eliminate unpleasant and invasive rumble in the film. The corners of the room generate this rumble, because this is where the sound waves meet and hit each other. How to make homemade bass traps? Simply place pillows or rolled-up blankets or duvets in the corners of the room. Everything, of course, outside the frame.

Microphone for recording movies

Since we’re at the sound stage, we need to discuss the subject of microphones. Of course, to produce the best possible audio quality, you just need to get… a microphone. Any microphone will be much better than the microphone built into your camera or camcorder, which you should not use under any circumstances. If you have any external microphone, start with it. It will certainly be sufficient at the very beginning.

Which home studio microphone for beginners?

When selecting a microphone, as well as all equipment, you need to start by identifying your needs. Will there be one person or more in front of the camera? Is the room large or small? Does the level of attenuation in the room allow you to use a condenser microphone or is it better to buy a directional (dynamic) microphone? There are many questions, even more answers. The easiest, most effective and cheapest way is to simply invest in tie microphones, i.e. small fleas attached to the neck.

Film lighting, i.e. studio lamps

Light is one of the most important elements of video production. Light creates an image. In a home studio, you should consider buying a lamp and covering all windows. Thanks to this, you will work in fully controlled conditions, and the recorded material will always be consistent, because it is always lit in the same way.

Bet on LEDs

The ideal solution is to use led lamps, because it is in the LEDs that you can control the power of light, which is extremely important. In addition, the key element is the proper diffusion of light to soften and diffuse it, which will give a professional look to your productions. Buy a led lamp and attach a large softbox to it, preferably one that offers double diffusion (one close to the lamp itself, the other at the end of the softbox).


What features and parameters to look for in cameras?

The camera to be used as a studio camera must have several key features:

– it must generate nice colors – which will save a lot of time when processing the recorded material, and the video itself will be just nice,
– it must have a good autofocus that tracks the face – so that working with the camera is as easy as possible, and the person in front of the camera is always in perfect focus,
– must have a port for connecting a microphone (at least 3.5 mm minijack),
– it must work on one battery for a long time or be able to be connected directly to a wall socket.




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