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How to define content marketing

Every day, consumers are exposed to a very large number of advertising messages. The effectiveness of traditional advertising is decreasing, which is why marketers use other ways to reach customers. Content marketing is still easily absorbed by the consumer.

Why content marketing is so popular?

The client himself finds us in the search for answers to his questions and problems, in our content he finds the answer, if he also buys goods or services from us, that is, he believed in what we wrote and was ready for transaction.

An example of a movie that we made for a bar which is in center of Munich.

Square format used for social media.

People writing about our movie

Amazing post


wow amazing, I love it!



You ( guys) make such beautiful shots& video!!

1. Why content marketing?

The concept of content marketing has been a marketer’s tool for many years, and we still have doubts among our customers about what this means.

Through content targeted at clients, we can create a strong bond with them and gain active brand supporters who will start to promote it on their own. What exactly is content marketing and content marketing, what is it and what effects should be expected from properly carried out activities falling within its scope?

2. What is content marketing?

it is a type of marketing strategy in the network used to acquire a permanent group of customers. As part of this strategy, actions are taken to publish and promote valuable content for a specific customer segment – the audience.

In the simplest words, it’s the production of valuable content that meets the needs of our customers. It must be part of our communication strategy and answer customer questions.


3. Content in three points:

– creating and publishing interesting content,
– attracting the attention of a selected group of customers,
– building engagement and loyalty of this group of customers.


4. Sample content marketing tools:
blogs with information, photos, videos and podcasts
social media
virtual conferences.

You can probably be terrified now how long this list is, but the idea that many of these places can use the same content. If you are recording an informative video and doing it as an interview, for example, you can post the same interview as a podcast, take pictures and rewrite the content of the interview. You can place all these activities on the website, social media, podcascie, YT. We only talked about one interview here, and in how many places you can vacation him. It is important that we have written many times in previous articles so that the basis of all your activities was a website. And the rest of the external sites (social media, podcast, YT) should direct to the site. You never know if any account will not be blocked and the site will always generate lids.

We all know it, but our content is still not working.

5. Why does our content not work?

Content marketing would not exist without well-distributed distribution. It can even be said that creating good quality text or graphics is only half the battle. An extremely important aspect is the selection of appropriate distribution channels for the type of content and the target group that is to receive this content. You can choose from an infinite number of possibilities, from posts on social media, through mailing to newsletters and ebooks.

6. Content marketing how to implement in your company?

Organizations that want to reach a selected group of clients most often use three types of content marketing tools. This is publishing articles on your own website, carrying out promotional activities through social networking sites, and increasingly creating original video clips.

Published content most often relates to tips related to the use of products, their repair, maintenance. Through video, companies also try to show the product’s capabilities and functions, the scope of its use, as well as other functional features, such as shape and size. Creating content that is supposed to influence client habits and change of lifestyle is also very popular. For example, companies that create gadgets that count the steps and calories burned often run blogs through which they post nutrition tips or ways to train effectively.

Our agency also prepares films showing services. The ready product is not always available, we are increasingly asking for a movie with, for example, tailoring and tailoring services, recently even a box course.

7. What are the benefits of content marketing ?:
– more website traffic,
– greater page visibility on Google,
– customer confidence in the brand.

8. Summary of why it’s worth investing in content marketing

Content marketing allows obtaining three times more leads compared to activities based on traditional marketing. According to ContentStream, the customer uses 11 sources to obtain product information before deciding to buy a given product. Thanks to content marketing, it is possible to build customer relationships faster through the information they are looking for. Building a positive one is a very important benefit



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