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How to find, check and choose the right influencer?

Influencer marketing is no longer an “experiment” or even an innovation. In recent years, it has become a standard marketing activity. Cooperation with an internet developer strengthens both the credibility and reach of the brand, provided that we plan and carry it out properly. So where should we start? From analysis, checking and finding the right influencer. This is not only the key to a successful campaign, but also a big challenge. If you don’t know what to look for when selecting an online creator and what is engagement rate, be sure to read this article.

Choosing an influencer and the goal of the campaign

A clear target setting makes it easier to find an influencer whose actions will translate into the success of the campaign. It is worth looking for creators who are ready for long-term activities. Ambassadorial cooperation is the most effective because in addition to the creator’s reach, the brand also uses his image.

Wähle den richtigen Instagram Influencer?

How to check an influencer?

Good research should be the first step in planning your activities. A partner network that brings together influencers from many segments can help us out. When selecting influencers, it is worth paying attention to three basic criteria: reach, production and image of the influencer.

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What is engagement rate?

The influencer’s reach is not only the number of subscriptions and the average number of views of individual videos, but also their average duration (so-called watchtime) and audience demographics. Knowing these values, it is also worth checking the engagement rate – the so-called the engagement rate of a given influencer. This is the follower engagement index, which tells us the ratio of the number of comments, shares and likes to the number of followers. In other words, the sum of all interactions divided by reach (i.e. the number of views or subscribers depending on the type of measurement) and expressed as a percentage. The best engagement rate is above 6%.

The choice of an influencer should also be dictated by the subject matter, format and quality of the content produced by him, as this will have a key impact on the final shape of the creations created as part of the campaign for the brand.

It is also worth checking the image of the influencer himself and finding one that suits the entire brand communication strategy.

Don’t be fooled

The youngest internet users already dream of becoming an influencer. Many people associate the profession of an internet creator only with constant holidays, cooperation with global brands and great fun. Those who aspire to enter the world of influencer marketing are often unaware of what a professional influencer’s job is all about, as they are only motivated by the vision of quick earnings. That is why it is not worth being influenced by the numbers we see at first glance. In fact, the number of likes or subscriptions is not the only metric that should be considered when developing a concept. The key to evaluation should therefore be based on analytical and reliable information about the creators.


Find an influencer consistent with brand communication

Effective cooperation with internet creators is one that is part of the brand’s communication strategy, not an addition detached from the entire process of building the brand image. Content created by influencers should be consistent with the brand’s strategy, regardless of whether it is a one-time project or a long-term cooperation.

Trust the creator

Very often, the contact between the creator and his audience is not a matter of a one-off publication, but a relationship built over the years. For this reason, the implementation of the campaign (i.e. creation) should be entrusted to the influencer that has just been found. He knows his audience best, knows what language to speak to, what format to prepare and what to do to gain their interest and achieve the campaign’s goals.

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