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How to increase the popularity of an Instagram account?

We are preparing content for our clients, which means that we should really know how social media platforms work.

For this reason, we try to be up to date with various tactics and strategies of other specialists in this industry.

The same errors in hashtags

Instagram has been around for quite a few years, there is a lot of information on how to use it (including free ones), and yet we still make the same mistakes over and over again. Yes – there are a few things that I commonly encounter on Instagram. That’s why I decided to add a brick to this edifice of instagram knowledge and describe hashtags on instagram through the prism of the most common mistakes.


An example of a movie that we made for tailor salon.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

Why is the use of hashtags on Instagram so important?

Because hashtags are what Google’s keywords are for Instagram. It is with their help that we can search instagram content. What’s more – hashtags are also used to personalize the content displayed in the feed – at least because today we can observe not only users but also the hashtags themselves.

That’s why it’s really important to know how to use Instagram hashtags effectively. And, apparently, the easiest way to learn from mistakes, I have prepared for you a text in which I discuss the 7 most common mistakes related to hashtags on Instagram.


Hashtags on Instagram – the 7 most common mistakes
1. Instagram hashtags: no hashtags

I don’t believe I’m writing this in 2020, but there are still people who don’t believe in the use of hashtags and therefore don’t use them at all.


Hashtag reach: 0


2. Hashtags on Instagram: using a few

Many people act on Instagram like rock stars and put only one or two hashtags in the photo description. But only people who have several million followers can afford such actions. Ordinary bread eaters have to make a little more effort 🙂

Since the advent of the New Algorithm, legends have circulated about the magical number of hashtags that are supposed to work best and help remove the “algorithm”. From my perspective it looks like this – Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags, so I use so many hashtags – after all, there are 30 chances to reach people interested in the subject of my photos.


3. Instagram hashes: use the same hashtags over and over again

In turn, some have the opposite – once they have collected these 30 hashtags, they begin to treat them as if they were forged in stone, and use them over and over and over again. How do you know which hashtags work best for you if you use one set of hashtags all the time and never change it? Here we come to the analysis. Observe your photos, hashtags and how people react to them on a specific day and time, but more about I will write in point 6

There is also a second threat, Instagram can read the same hashtags underneath the exits as bot actions, and Instagram bots will finish without warning.


4. Instagram hashes: use too large hashtags

There are still lists of “most popular Instagram hashtags” on the Internet. Half of them are already banned (# love4love, #followme), and the other half arouses unhealthy interest in bots. How to live? It’s best not to use the “most popular Instagram hashtags”!


5. Instagram hashes: use too small hashtags

Let’s remember what hashtags are for – it is a tool that is supposed to facilitate searching content on Instagram. Who searches on hashtags like “#MamaandMija”? I understand various forms of refining hashtags, but let’s think about it for our poor Instagram user who combs through the thicket of hashtags and think twice before adding the hashtag “#PizzaFromMunich” to the photo


6. Hashtags on Instagram: no hashtags testing

Hashtag testing is an important part of the entire hashtag puzzle. Topics, size, language, detail – all this affects the range of our photo, but also how our account grows. What’s more – if we reach the right people with our photo, it may turn out that, despite the smaller range, we will gain more new followers.

How to test hashtags? The best tool is to use company account statistics. Pay attention to the range of hashtags but also the number of visits to the profile and the number of new followers who got to you through this particular photo. Some accounts also have an option that shows which hashtags had the best reach.

At this point, I have to punch myself in the chest. For the fear of a company account and cutting ranges, I tested the hashtags for a long time only by observing the number of likes under the photo and the speed of the photo falling down in the feed for individual hashtags. Unfortunately – this solution was not very effective.


7. Instagram hashtags: using banned hashtags

If you think that banned hashtags are only those that are explicitly related to sex, violence and racism, you are very wrong. When it comes to abuse of Instagram rules, human imagination simply knows no bounds. Can you believe that innocent hashtags like #mirror or #eggplant are on the Instagram blacklist?

Hashtags on Instagram – summary

When it comes to hashtags on Instagram, the number of things we need to take into account is quite large, but I think it’s really worth it to do it.

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