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How to make portrait photos well?

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How to make portrait photos well?

Here are the most common mistakes in the of the photographer – equipment – a person portraited. Eliminate errors and you will achieve a higher level.


If you have come here to see galleries with pictures before and after, please go to the bottom under the article.

Portrait before and after editing.

How to make portrait photos well?

Bad preparation.

You do not know what the person portraits. If the photographed person expects a simple, minimalist photo against the background of the historic building, do not make her embarrassing floors, jumps, unknown items, do not use a language that does not understand. There will be an upset and unnatural. Find out whether photographed have any expectations.


You are photographing people who are not models, which is why they often do not know how to behave from the camera. This causes embarrassment. After two poses, they begin to lack the idea to accept the position, put hands, legs. Route them to communicating with them. The portrayed person is a diamond. Your communication with her is a grinder. If you do more photos without talking how this person looks and whether it goes well, she will start running an internal dialogue assuming that something is wrong. Notify that it looks good, it perfectly accepts poses, real rights and flattering rights at this point when it does well. To loosen the atmosphere at the beginning, perform photos with the assumption that nothing will be. More focus on mastering emotions instead of composition, lighting, etc.


About the arrangement of the upper body (torso, arms, head) often decide down, or laying legs. The upper part of the body and bottom live with each other in symbiosis, strengthening each other. Do not skip bottom. That’s where you can locate additional layouts, subtlety or self-confidence and dominance. A wide leg spacing is an expression of stability, the subcook contains energy, dignity always likes downloaded blades and straight back. Incrementing emotions in
Connection with a fitted mimico form a complete portrait.


Dress it during shooting. Be relaxed. It will automatically start to give you a person on the other side of the camera.


Man is the most important. However, people eye analyzing the picture, analyzes it fully. This means if 70% of the photo is a man, and 30% have a played room this background affects the assessment of the character. Instead of a disadvantageous background or not expressing Nature.

For example: blooming trees in orchard, garden, park. Interior decor: winding and decorative handrails on a cage.
Architecture: cast forms of buildings facades or often underestimated fragment of the apartment.
A white wall that automatically features a figure.


It works on your disadvantage if the portraits begins to feel more and more lost. Nerving deepens if you set the light in her presence, you choose a background, you perform nervous movements. Wondering what to do or express your fears loud.
The situation concerns both studies and outdoor. Before you expect something from the person in front of the camera, find out yourself what you want and how you will get it. You do not need it
The presence of a portraits if you have an individual idea for a session. Do you want to get good effects? Always prepare substantively in front of the photos, and then understandable and calmly


If you have a strong sunlight on your face, then automatically frowns. At the beginning, choose space with dispersed light. An additional advantage is to control the surroundings.



Regardless of how many errors do the photographer will do, at the end you can always rescue editing ;).

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I was completely not aware about this topic. Thanks to your blog, I find it so fascinating how photographers work. That way I know what to improve in my work as a makeup artist.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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