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How to run a blog campaign for Women’s Day?

How to run a blog campaign for Women’s Day?
In the blogosphere, one thing is certain: women rule! Beautiful, creative, ambitious, professional – women are in the lead among online journalists. Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, is a special occasion for brands to establish cooperation with them. How well to conduct such a marketing campaign? What should you remember when preparing a contest or sending product samples? In today’s text you will find some of my tips on how such a campaign should look.

The most desirable gifts are: a bouquet of flowers, beautiful jewelry or lingerie tempting you to tempt. Ladies also appreciate the invitation to dinner, a bottle of fragrant perfumes or sweets – provided, of course, that they are not on a diet.

In addition to material gifts, women would also wish for more kindness, understanding and support from men, not only on this one day of the year. What matters is memory and respect for the fair sex.

New generations and the awareness of young people have meant that today other gifts are also appreciated, lets take an example of products for Forrest and Love.  We know that already felt an increase in sales a few weeks before Women’s Day. As you can see in the photos, it may seem to many that this is not a typical women’s day gift. Nothing could be more wrong. Young people buy more consciously, appreciating products that are natural, so it is no wonder that they willingly buy copper bottles that store water. It is definitely a great idea, and we believe that reducing pollution and rubbish is very important.

In search of the perfect gift

There are many important women in a man’s life and on March 8th is an occasion to thank them for learning empathy, beauty and every day. Mom, mother-in-law and sister will surely be pleased with the symbolic tulip or rose, but when men are looking for a present for their partner, they often face difficulties. To find the original gift, they use Google search – here are some of the most popular phrases: March 8, women’s day what to buy, women’s day gift, women’s day bouquets, March 8 women’s day.

Women’s Day campaign – how to prepare for it?

Preparations for the Women’s Day campaign are not much different from standard cooperation with bloggers. The eighth day of March is a special occasion for cosmetic, jewelery and clothing and underwear brands, I found the most of such blog entries. It is also a good idea to cooperate with companies producing sweets and florists – a bouquet and chocolates are gifts that will please every woman, even without an occasion. It is also worth paying attention to the potential of the premises, i.e. restaurants, cinemas, beauty salons and spas: the atmospheric interior may turn out to be a perfect background for photo sessions.

How to run a successful Women’s Day campaign? Here are some of my advice!

It is important to plan the campaign in detail, define its budget and duration, select the appropriate brand ambassador and close all these arrangements with a contract.
The keywords it uses to tag posts with a company’s product and well-taken photos are important. After entering the phrases in Google, the blog should appear in one of the first positions in the search engine, and the images should refer to this entry.
Links to online stores or discount coupons must be clearly marked.
At the very end of your marketing activities, you should also remember about the summary: how many views did the post with the product placed have? Have the goals of the campaign been achieved? How did the presence on the blog translate into sales for a given brand and is the cooperation likely to continue?

Bloggers for women – the most interesting blog campaigns

Women’s Day is one of the most popular topics on fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs. In each of these categories, women are in the lead, and thanks to this, brands can afford many marketing campaigns – cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, underwear, a book by a favorite author or designer gadgets for the home can be a gift on March 8. Bloggers celebrate femininity on a daily basis: sometimes it’s lipstick in a crazy color, other times a subtle bracelet or a bouquet of your favorite flowers in an original vase.

On blogs, you can observe two types of marketing campaigns: COMPETITIONS and entries containing product placement of a given brand. The first of them, the so-called “Deals” are the most popular way to establish cooperation. The company offers the blogger, for example, dresses, shoes, jewelry and even household appliances; the latter announces a competition in which readers have a chance to win them.

The second type of Women’s Day posts are those containing PRODUCT LOCATION. The blogger and the brand set the rules of cooperation, e.g. the length of the post, the number of photos, the text in the post.


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