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How to run an Instagram profile of a beauty salon to attract new customers?

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How to run an Instagram profile of a beauty salon to attract new customers?

Instagram is the perfect promotion channel for your salon. Why? It is in this medium that you will show the effects of your work and amazing metamorphoses of your clients with the help of attractive photos and videos. In this way, you will gain the trust of your recipients and encourage them to book a visit. On Instagram, you will also show the human side of your company, establish a bond with followers, and after all, building relationships is the basis of running a beauty business. So how do you create an Instagram profile that will encourage customers to subscribe? You can find some practical tips below.

How to run an Instagram profile of a beauty salon

How to create an attractive salon profile on Instagram?

Before signing up for a showroom account on Instagram, think about what your goals are. A natural assumption for most beauty businesses will be to increase the number of bookings, but you can also strive to build your image as an expert or increase customer loyalty.

Also remember that Instagram is a bit different from other social media, for example Facebook. The users of this channel primarily want to relax, see nice photos or find inspiration. That is why the profile of the salon should not only meet your goals, but also meet the expectations of the followers. So get to know your customers’ preferences and determine what materials will interest them.

Let’s move on to creating a profile. There are two types of accounts on Instagram: personal and business. A business profile gives you much more options, such as access to statistics or the ability to add contact details. To set up a corporate account, first create a private profile on your phone or computer and then turn it into a business one. Don’t worry, the whole process is intuitive and the website will guide you through it.

Please note, however, that we do not have the ability to search for music with a business profile due to licensing for commercial purposes.

First of all, in order for someone to find us, he needs a name,

so it’s important to take advantage of some of the advantages of running a local business. On Instagram, we have the option of using two names that may differ from each other. It is worth taking advantage of this by including different phrases / keywords for our company. In a situation where we run a beauty salon in Munich, one of them may be, for example, a Munich Beauty Salon, and the other may contain, for example, the full name of the company.

Thus, we increase the chance of appearing to the person who will be looking for specific phrases, i.e. directly to our potential client. Additionally, a username is the name that is displayed to others when we have liked their photo. So let’s increase your chance of this person clicking on our profile. A specific and clear name will make it possible for us. Remember to also take care of a good profile picture, as it also plays a big part in the first step, which is attracting attention.
Remember about the character limit – you must be within 30 characters.

The profile picture is most often the company’s logo, because this way it is easier to gain audience from other channels. Thanks to this, you will immediately build your brand recognition and positive associations in the minds of users. However, if you want to stand out from the competition, you can insert a photo of your team or flagship treatment.

In the description, the so-called bio, you should find a few words that show your core business. Remember that you only have a few seconds to convince your audience to click “Watch”, and not many characters – 150. Therefore, write in an interesting, concise, focus on the most important features of your salon. It is a good practice on Instagram to post short phrases that define your business. Each such slogan can contain emoticons and start with a new line, e.g. 💇‍♀ Women’s haircut 💅 Manicure. This will make the bio more readable. The description should also include a link. For example, it can be an online booking address, thanks to which the consumer can make an appointment immediately after seeing an attractive metamorphosis. Remember that there can only be one clickable link in your Instagram profile, so make good use of it.

When you create a business account, you can enter contact details: telephone number, e-mail address and the address of your salon. Then the buttons: “Call”, “E-mail address” and “Directions” will appear at the top of the profile. In the case of the beauty industry, this information is very useful for potential customers – if only because thanks to it they will be able to set up the navigation and get to the appointment.

In the settings, you can connect Instagram with other profiles on social media, e.g. with a fan page on Facebook. Then you have the option to publish Instagram posts in the next channel.


How to run an Instagram profile of a beauty salon

What to publish in the company’s Instagram profile?

You already have an Instagram account of the showroom – time to publish attractive posts. In this channel, we mainly use images, i.e. photos (single or gallery), graphics and video.

Beauty salons can post a variety of posts on Instagram. However, remember to develop your own individual style. Choose a few types of content that will bring you closer to your goals and interest your followers. I have some ideas and inspiration for you.

On Instagram, customer metamorphoses, i.e. photos before and after the procedure, will be great. Such images will show that your services are of a high standard. In this way, you will build your credibility, recipients will start to trust you and will make an appointment without fear. Amazing metamorphoses will also inspire and motivate followers to make such styling in your salon.

A video with tips will also be an interesting material for your audience. By publishing such content, you will give customers value, something that will interest them and motivate them to follow your channels and engage in the life of the brand. You can, for example, show you how to take care of dry skin in summer. Let the cosmetologist who usually performs facial cleansing and moisturizing treatments appear in front of the camera. Finally, the employee can invite followers for a free consultation.

Another idea for posts posted on Instagram are materials from the life of the salon. Post photos of your team. The view of a laughing employee will encourage a potential customer to visit your showroom more effectively than many advertisements. Remember that in the beauty industry, not only high quality services is important, but also customer service.

Also include training reports. Show that in order to provide services at the highest level, you care about education and are up to date with trends. Your team should also be in the spotlight here – capture funny situations and events from the outside to establish a bond with your audience.

On Instagram you can also inform about new products, promotions and your offer. However, remember not to publish strictly advertising posts in this channel as it may discourage your followers. Also, pay attention not to be pushy about promotions; focus on customer values ​​and benefits.

The last idea is lifestyle entries. On Instagram, users are looking for loose content to help them relax. That’s why you can sometimes post a photo of your morning coffee or show how you celebrate your customer’s success in losing weight. Thanks to such content, you will show the human face of your business and prove that you understand your followers.

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