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Instagram for beginners – How to get followers on Instagram

Instagram for beginners – How to get followers on Instagram

Social media is one of the most engaging users of online advertising. Opting out of this promotion channel may mean that we won’t reach many potential customers.

Can we afford to let go a great opportunity to expand our business? Of course not! So where to start? Since creating an account on one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, Instagram.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

At the outset, it should be mentioned that Instagram never revealed its algorithm, but in mid-2018 it revealed what assumptions it is based on and what to look for in order to get as many followers as possible. Explaining, the application is based on user activity. The algorithm therefore promotes content similar to what your account may potentially be interested in. In addition, it’s not just about the accounts you’re following – the content displayed is also affected by all interactions, including unobserved posts.

An example of a movie that we made for a bar which is in center of Munich.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

Man bekommt Lust dort hinzugehen und was zu trinken. Ziel auf jeden Fall erreicht.


animiert den Drink zu testen👌👍gut zum Anschauen🥂

Three factors determine the displayed content. Those are:

Interests – expected interest in a given post based on previous user activity,
topicality – time to add posts (when favoring the newest ones) and their popularity,
relationship – you’ll see content faster than users you interacted with (comments, likes, markings, shares, Stories).

Instagram for beginners – How to get followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram?

1. Create a profile on Instagram

The first step should be to decide if the profile should be private or company. The business profile provides access to statistics and allows you to create sponsored posts.

Then choose a distinctive profile picture, it can be our logo or some characteristic picture that will be associated with our company or field of activity.

Next, we supplement the description (BIO) – it should be unique, so remember not to copy it from other websites or profiles on other social networks.
This is the best place where your customers quickly find out what you are doing and how to find you.

In addition to the description, we should also place a link to our website.

After completing the above elements, we can go to what is most important for users, i.e. adding photos and videos.

Instagram for beginners – How to get followers on Instagram


2. Think about the style of the shared content

If you are a large company with a marketing department, you probably already have a specific style with which customers see you. Website, logo, colors, font, style in which you address clients in your texts. Yes, but what about smaller companies. As I wrote earlier, it is important that everything your client sees is consistent.
Regardless of where it goes, whether on your site or on Facebook, it must know that this is your site, your social media account. Keep your ideas in check, determine who your customer is first and standardize everything.

Now let’s get to the instagram we are discussing. If you already have your style set, stick to it here as well. Pictures should be in similar colors. If you’re not a professional photographer, don’t worry, Instagram makes it easier for us and provides filters. Choose the one that is closest to your company’s style. If you use text in the pictures posted, let them be the same fonts.

3. Plan an effective material publication strategy

When answering the question of how to get followers on Instagram, it should be noted that a good strategy and its consistent implementation will eventually pay off with success and winning the dream number of observers. High image quality and interesting topics translate into a greater number of people interested in our user account and cause traffic on our profile. Materials should be published regularly, e.g. one or several photos a day. In order not to lose your followers, you should regularly engage them in the content we add. It is worth ensuring that you have a few photos ahead.


4. Mark other users

Tagging other users translates into 56% more visitor engagement. When posting photos, tag and mention important users associated with the photo. It will help in gaining new followers and propagating your materials.


5. Remember to describe the picture

The rule is simple, the more and longer people stay on your channel and in your photos, the better. That’s how Instagram organized it. Why? This is information for the application that you have very good content and people want to watch you, which in consequence causes that more people see you and follow you. If the descriptions under the picture are about a topic that people want to read, it will stop them for a long time.
When you publish your hashtags, add them in the comment instead of under the text in the description. Neil Patel also recommends this method.


6. Use geo-tags for your photos

Instagram allows you to add geo-tags to photos, i.e. mark the locations where the photo was taken. Use this option as often as possible. Users often search for materials made in a given location, so by using geo-tagging, you have the chance to reach more people. Adding locations to photos translates into 79% more user engagement. To take advantage of the ability to specify the location of your photos, it’s a good idea to link your account to Foursquare.


7. Use Insta Stories

Insta Stories is a 24-hour relationship that most large companies or brands use to showcase the backstage of their work or product. In this way, they show their clients how their business looks from the inside and give them the opportunity to get to know each other better. Creating the perfect, interesting stories requires adding relationships in turn, maintaining continuity. Another important point is choosing the right subtitles, fonts, colors and background music.


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