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Instagram – How and where to check banned hashtags

If any of you use banned hashtags (hashtags on instagram) it’s very possible that we will limit the reach of your posts. Another possible more severe consequence will be blocking our instagarm profile.

That is why it is extremely important to add appropriate hashtags to the photos. Certainly some of you think that this topic probably does not concern him, but nothing more wrong because only in 2019 alone the list of such banned words has nearly 100,000. Not only that, this amount is growing day by day. According to forecasts of people who deal with this topic, he says that it will reach over 200,000 such forbidden words in 2020. As for the locks, they are also different, they can be locked for a specified period of time as well as permanently.

An example of a movie that we made for Yoga Club.

Square format used for social media.

Why some hashtags are blocked and others are not

There are many reasons why Instagram blocks some hashtags. Those that we know, however, refer mainly to:

breaking Instagram regulations (here I mean forbidden topics: hate, sex, weapons),
spammer behavior in the application (l4l, f4f etc.). In this case, Instagram often blocks the given tags.

notorious photo submissions by app users under which the hashtag appeared.
Interesting fact: it happens that even very popular hashtags get blacklisted bans for some time. The last case was #iphone12

Using a banned hashatag will reduce the range:

One banned hashtag levels the other hashtags. What does this mean in practice? All you have to do is use one banned for 30 hashtags (Instagram limit) and your photo will be hidden in the search engine.
Your photo will not appear in the Explore tab.


How can I check if my hashtag is blocked

All you have to do is enter the site and paste the prepared hashtag packet into the empty field. The system will immediately throw hashtags in red that are blocked. The tool is free in the basic version. If you’re curious if you’ve used a lot of blocked hashtags so far, you’ll need to purchase access to the extended version. The system will analyze your account and prompt you which banned hashatgi you should immediately remove from your Instagram profile.


Click hear add hashtags and check if there are not banned.


How do I check banned hashtags on my Instagram

Now I will show you a tool that will check the last 10 photos for banned hashtags. The idea of the tool is to show if you accidentally got a shadowban, but in practice it only captures blocked hashtags in the last ten photos. In this case, the tool is free, but it has its quantitative limits. And we are talking about Triberr.

Banned hashtags include words such as:


You can also check hashtags you are unsure about for free. Just go to the website and enter the words that interest you. After a short while, a hashtag will be displayed, which, being marked in green – is not blocked and we can safely use it. However, if the word is crossed out in red, it means that the hashtag is banned and it is better to avoid it with a wide arc.

Here is the list, by letter, that we have gathered so far:



alone, always, armparty, adulting, assday, ass, abdl, assworship, addmysc, asiangirl,


beautyblogger, brain, boho, besties, bikinibody


costumes, curvygirls


date, dating, desk, dm, direct


elevator, eggplant, edm




girlsonly, gloves, graffitiigers


happythanksgiving, hawks, hotweather, humpday, hustler


ilovemyinstagram, instababy, instasport, iphonegraphy, italiano, ice




Killingit, Kansas, kissing, kickoff


leaves, like, lulu, lean,


master, milf, mileycyrus, models, mustfollow


nasty, newyearsday, nude, nudism, nudity,


overnight, orderweedonline


parties, petite, pornfood, pushups, prettygirl,




rate, ravens


samelove, selfharm, skateboarding, skype, snap, snapchat, single, singlelife, stranger, saltwater, shower, shit, sopretty, sunbathing, streetphoto, swole, snowstorm, sun, sexy


tanlines, todayimwearing, teens, teen, thought, tag4like, tagsforlikes, thighs






workflow, wtf





These hashtags have been removed from the banned list in June 2020:

adultlife, americangirl, asia, abc7ny, attractive, abcess, africanexpeditions, agariogaming, akiralane, allbreasts, amearalavey, animenoobs, afourchamberedheart, audaciousprayer, beautydirectory, babe, bbc, easter, fitnessgirls, fishnets, hardworkpaysoff, ig, loseweight newyears, qatar, sallyhansen, stud, tgif, treasurethesemoments,

Some Golden Tips

Apparently we have a limit of 30 hashtags, In some cases, it’s not a good idea to use all 30. Try to limit your hashtags up to 20-25 and check your results for each group of hashtags. Instagram has developed an inspection tool for “groups” that boost each post. Think twice before you try these pods! Instagram doesn’t like them … Also, it is after ALL kinds of bots & spam behavior. Don’t use bots for auto likes and comments.

Instagram – How and where to check banned hashtags

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