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Is it worth taking care of the customer?

Is it worth taking care of the customer?
The basis of the existence of any company are its customers. Good relations with contractors is a way to achieve success and efficient functioning. What influences good relations with clients and how to care for them?

In times of extremely fierce competition,

it is not enough to offer the best products or the lowest prices. What matters most is customer care, which determines their interest and retention, because consumers today have more and more choice. For this reason, expectations towards companies serving them have definitely increased, while patience and loyalty to brands have dropped dramatically. In case of dissatisfaction with the service, they can always look for it elsewhere.

As many as 66% of consumers say that if they are treated as a number, not as a person, they will go shopping in another store. Therefore, the appropriate level of customer care has become an important element that can distinguish the company from competitors.

Interestingly, few companies in Germany care about regular customers. The new ones are getting better offers. Often, it pays to terminate the contract and conclude it again more than extending the contract. According to experts, most of the marketing strategy of domestic brands focuses only on sales, not on customer satisfaction. This is the reason why German consumers are “disloyal”.

Is it worth taking care of the customer?

Customer (dis) loyal

Companies do not invest in regular customers not because it is not profitable for them or because they cannot afford it. – This is due to the still undeveloped marketing of companies, which does not focus on maximizing customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the production side is being strengthened. Companies are focused on sales

Business owners and marketers should ask themselves this question regularly: what can I do to better serve customers? If you do not monitor changes taking place on the market, do not conduct analytics or implement new solutions, you can quickly lag behind the competition.

Be available to your customers on the right platforms

The dynamic progress of technology entails changes in the standards of marketing communication.

Today, communication adapted to the expectations and preferences of consumers is important. Brands can achieve this, for example, by providing their customers with support and high-quality service on the social platforms they use on a daily basis.

Knowledge about customer groups is key to planning such activities. Remember that these preferences may vary according to age, gender and location.

Watch if your customers mention your brand more often on Twitter or leave comments on your Facebook page. It is best to monitor discussions (for example with the help of a tool such as Brand24) and be active wherever there are discussions around your brand.

Customers decide about the preferred communication channel, so do not ignore those who are looking for a contact with your brand on Twitter or those who ask questions in comments on Instagram or in private messages on Messenger.


On time, for sure

A satisfied customer is a customer who has been well served. Regardless of the type of business, we can be sure that the competition in the industry is strong and many entrepreneurs would like to take over a client who cooperates with our company.

The only proven and reliable way to keep contractors is to meet their needs. Appropriate service based on timely and reliable operation is the key to success.

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