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It is not easy to present in one text the issues of marketing of a local service company. However let’s try. What can it look like? What is the most important in service marketing?

Fight the immaterial service

In the case of a dressmaker, it is difficult to imagine the final effect of tailoring or sewing a new suit. Yes, you can see the material and the design, but how the client will look in it, only the seamstress knows (or sometimes she doesn’t;). The project is similar, but implementation is already a typical service, although of course not one hundred percent intangible. However, it is not known what the final effect and any problems will end with the service provider, how the work will go and what the final result will be, related to appearance and durability. So what can an executive company do to reduce the drawbacks of immateriality?

Can consciously communicate benefits. This is an indispensable concept in services, although of course it also applies to products. We often confuse features with advantages and benefits. While it is easy for professionals to understand the quality of the sewing machine and other equipment used in the design, but for inexperienced clients it is already difficult to understand the features of the machine.


An example of a movie that we made for a tailoring company from Munich.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

The so-called material evidence, i.e. elements that will make the service come closer to the customer. They can be: certificates, other documents (invoice, order, diplomas), the process of providing the service (how it was done, whether the client could observe this process), symbols (e.g. logo and company name, name of the machine manufacturer), equipment and employee attire, recommendations (from a friend, local company, etc.), facts (e.g. that the company has been around since …).
#Surely immateriality can be a little tame by running a social media account. By showing your face, work, we tame the client with our company, we become more material. Even great texts on the website do not fight our anonymity, but photos and videos certainly already.

quality and customer service

Both the efficient process of service implementation, technical and relationship quality, as well as staff motivation, their communication skills and knowledge of persuasion techniques. The very process of performing the service is whether we control the process of its provision: do we “get” time and price, do we inform in advance about difficulties, do employees say “good morning”, are they able to make a quote or issue an invoice to the customer, when there is no boss in the factory. In a three-person company, process control should be relatively simple, but it is often a problem.


You should be aware of the role of a good image among customers and build it consciously during daily service and communication. If the customer will not be able to indicate the difference between the level of services and products offered by different companies (and often will not see significant price differences or will not be able to determine whether prices are justified), the choice of this or that enterprise may be determined by the opinion, which he could make out about him. Simply put, the right image.


you should personalize your customer relationship whenever possible. It consists in recognizing clients (by face, by name, by company name, by interests, by the history of entries in the company’s computer system, if he has one) and using it in conversation to emphasize the kind of uniqueness of a given client. In the phrase-making services or the Soviet services described today, this is very important, because we work very close to the client, and he must trust us and feel comfortable.

Example of a local marketing service company.

This time from our Instagram account.

To everyone who runs a business here on Instagram and has the desire / thoughts to create an image video: ask ClouMedia, and everything will be fine. (What I am writing here is not a bought / paid comment, no paid advertising or anything else. It is experience ….) trust yourself … 👍🙏

Original text: An alle die hier auf Instagramm ein Business betreiben und den Wunsch / Gedanken in sich tragen ein Imagevideo zu erstellen: Fragt ClouMedia , und alles wird gut . ( Das was ich hier schreibe ist kein gekaufter /bezahlter Kommentar , keine bezahlte Werbung oder sonst was . Es ist Erfahrung ….) traut euch …👍🙏

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