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Marketing strategy in social media – Social media agency from munich

If we want to acquire new customers through social media, it is worth finding out what are the basic principles of implementing an appropriate marketing strategy on social media websites.
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Marketing strategy in social media


Facebook is just the beginning of the fight for recognition and recognition in social media. Learn the rules of building a social media marketing strategy.



Building a brand can be based on the SOSTAC model. SOSTAC is an abbreviation of the first letters of specific stages of creating marketing strategies within the model:
Situation – where are you (e.g. SWOT analysis),
Objecitves – where do you want to be,
Strategy – how to get there,
Tactics – how exactly to do it,
Actions – implementation of activities,
Control – monitoring, what to monitor, how to monitor.

Define your goals.

You cannot start all over again without having specific goals in mind. Each marketing activity must be preceded by certain assumptions. What are some examples of goals you can set for yourself?

– increasing the number of customers, and thus – profit
– building a loyal customer community
– increasing the number of meetings with clients
– increase in traffic on your website
– improving the recognition of your brand

Similarly defined goals motivate to action. They are a kind of a bar that you want to jump over as quickly as possible and put at even greater heights in the long run. Having chosen basic goals, use the SMART principles, which are the basis for building a marketing strategy in social media:

Specific: Your goals should be specific and unambiguous, impossible to interpret in different ways. Example: getting 100 new people following your fanpage per week.

Measurable: any of your goals must be easy to quantify and determine if the strategy is producing the expected results.

Example: regular, daily checking for new likes, which are, after all, determined by specific numbers.

Achievable: The bar shouldn’t be set too high. Do not set yourself goals that are impossible to achieve, because you will get discouraged easily and will undermine your motivation!

Realistic: goals should be closely related to your abilities. Base them on components such as: money resources, staff and available time.

Time-bound: set a specific time frame for your goal. Try not to exceed them – this is another motivational aspect!

Activity in social media

In social media, you can lose the most if we are the so-called spectrum profile. If we create a profile that “hangs” in the internet space and nothing else is happening to it, it doesn’t really make much sense. It can also be detrimental to a situation in which the customer appears on our profile and sees that nothing is happening. Then he can get discouraged quite quickly and he will not come back to us. Activity gives us a lot of benefits, because we will attract both those customers who have already used our offer and will be able to learn about our offers, and at the same time you must remember that this is an opportunity to compete for completely new customers.

Communication with recipients

If we want to gain new customers, we must be in constant contact with them, we cannot leave them alone. Social media is an ideal option to be in constant contact with users and customers, such contact will build a positive relationship with them and an assessment of our company. If the client comments on our photo, it is worth responding to him or thanking him for the opinion, because only in this way will it be possible to professionally appear on the market.

It is also worth trying to effectively provoke discussions. This allows for the exchange of thoughts and opinions, if someone, for example, reports to us a fault or something unfavorable concerning our website. If our client has any comments, it will be worth acting as soon as possible and informing that we will take all actions to remedy the problem. We must always take care that our image is not tarnished when something unfavorable happens. It is worth remembering that on social media, time passes very quickly and customers expect a quick response.

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