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tips – makeup
Photography and makeup go hand in hand. Photographic makeup is an incredibly interesting subject, and the most interesting “branch” of it is, in my opinion, black and white makeup. Today we will talk about how to perform it and what are the tricks that we can apply to it.


Is the make-up for the black and white session the same as for the color one?

Makeup for black and white photography requires a bit of a different technique of work and the use of different colors than in the case of traditional makeup for photos. Black and white photography actually consists of various shades of gray. Each color we use will turn gray in the camera lens, it is important to know what color will give which gray effect. Because colors reflect and absorb light differently, some will give the impression of a light gray in a black and white photo, while others will appear dark.

Colors and what percentage of light

When creating such makeup, we can follow the percentage of light according to science, reflect colors:
-white 84%
– cream 78%
-yellow 60%
– light blue 45%
-red 14%
-black 10%

This means that the white color may already be perceived by the camera lens as a very light, gray shade. Subsequent colors will be darker and darker shades of gray, up to black, which may appear to be very dark gray in the photo.

Rules for applying make-up in black and white photography

When applying makeup for black and white photos, it is best to follow a few simple rules:

1. We choose the foundation perfectly to the color of the skin, we do not use colored makeup bases.

2. Fix the foundation with transparent powder, avoid a shiny complexion. The matte finish looks much better on black and white photos. If you really want to use the highlighter, limit its application to the cheekbones.

3. Contour the face using neutral bronzer shades and light brightening powder. We avoid using pink. We need to contour the face a little more than usual so that it doesn’t look flat in a black and white photo.

4. We paint our eyes with shades of white, beige, brown, graphite and black. In this way, we will get the best results in black and white photos and avoid surprises. Instead of choosing colors, we focus on their perfect blending. Beautifully blurred shadows, gradient, smooth transitions are something that photography likes, not only black and white.

5. We must stick false eyelashes, natural eyelashes may be invisible, and it will not look advantageous with more intense makeup. The exception is makeup no makeup, if we focus on natural makeup without shading the eye for black and white photography, we can not attach eyelashes.

6. If we want to get a delicate lip makeup, we paint them with light pink lipstick, in black and white photos it will give the effect of light gray, dark pink lipstick will look dark gray, lipstick in a shade of nude may blend in too much with the makeup of the face. If we want to get an intense lip make-up effect, we apply lipstick in a shade of red (even burgundy) or black. In times of black and white, silent cinema, actresses most often painted their lips with black lipstick, wanting to get the illusion of saturated red.




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