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production of advertising films MUNICH

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production of advertising films MUNICH

Promotional films or promotional spots can be found practically everywhere: on street screens, on websites, in social media (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram), on television, in public transport, at the cinema and even at your favorite hairdresser. They gained their popularity mainly due to the high strength of persuasion if properly prepared and later used. Some move our hearts, others go directly to our common sense.

Munich production of advertising films – that’s what you’re looking for!

It is said that a good project is a good business. Today, however, even the best idea for your own business is often not possible without proper advertising. Among many marketing activities, the production of advertising films is often the solution that brings the best results. In media saturated with content, it’s hard to catch the attention of the viewer – a potential customer, and often even the best content does not reach the addressee without the proper “packaging”. We specialize in social media, so we know how much better the film is treated by social platforms compared to even the best photo. Every day we test it on our and clients’ channels.

When do you need a promotional video?

If you would like to:

  • increase awareness of your brand / product / service,
  • be present with your product in the natural environment of your customers,
  • use another promotion channel, which is often one of the most effective,
  • present your product in an interesting way,
  • increase the sales of your products,
  • support currently operating sales channels,
  • increase the engagement of recipients with the message you want to convey,
  • be remembered for longer
  • ahead of your competition.

Where will you use the promotional video?

There are many ideas for using your own promotional video. We present several more classic solutions:

  • own website,
  • social media on Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram,
  • external portals, e.g. in the form of promotional / sponsored articles,
  • online video advertising, e.g. Google Ads,
  • messages sent to new clients / partners,
  • company / brand presentation,

What exactly do you pay for?

  • knowledge and experience,
  • professional film equipment,
  • time spent preparing the production and arrangements,
  • time spent on making the film,
  • time spent on editing and post-production of the film,
  • introduction of any comments to the film.


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