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Restaurant Makassar


Restaurant Makassar

We had the pleasure of once again preparing a photo shoot for the well-known and reputable Makassar restaurant. The idea for the photos was to have portraits of the staff, but still in natural poses, as if caught in the act of serving dishes. I believe we managed to deliver the requested photos to the restaurant’s management. We received a very positive response from the owners, and the photos are already being used on the restaurant’s website and Instagram.

The Makassar restaurant in Munich stands out from current gastronomic trends by staying true to its original idea of honest and thoughtful dishes with authentic flavors. Makassar takes its guests on a culinary journey from France through the Southern United States to the Caribbean with a selection of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes. The wine list combines interesting finds from countries such as Germany, France, and New Zealand. Overall, Makassar is a unique culinary destination that prioritizes hospitality and quality over trendy gimmicks.

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