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what slowing down my Instagram

You spend all your free time taking great photos and processing them, at night you come up with interesting posts, you struggle with hashtags to make them well-chosen, every day you make sure that your recipients have interesting stories, you almost stand on their eyelashes, and the follower counter as he stood, yes standing? Check if you accidentally make mistakes that are slowing down the development of your account.

what slowing down my Instagram

Based on my observations and experiences, I decided to list the most common mistakes that users make, regardless of the size of the account and the level of advancement measured by the number of instatips read. Here they are:

An example of a movie that we made for a bar which is in center of Munich.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

Man bekommt Lust dort hinzugehen und was zu trinken. Ziel auf jeden Fall erreicht.


animiert den Drink zu testen👌👍gut zum Anschauen🥂

You have no specific goal

You create something there, upload it and publish it, but in fact, you don’t know what for and for whom. You jump from one topic to another because you can’t decide whether you want your profile to be educational, inspirational, or lifestyle. Until you clearly define who you are on Instagram and what the goal is, you won’t get anything better. If you don’t know what you’re on Instagram for, it will be difficult to keep people on your account for longer. Often people view accounts that are close to their liking. If it’s fashion and you sometimes post something related to the ode, don’t be surprised that they don’t come back when the next photos are from holidays, where the photo has your legs in the water.

You don’t hit the right target group

Imagine that you are a wedding planner who wants to reach future young couples using Instagram. You upload the most beautiful photos of your projects, share valuable tips useful when planning a wedding, but this does not translate into the interest of the recipients, because … after analysis, it turns out that instead of your target group, you go to people who are already married and / or people from the same industry. Then all your work is wasted, because in order to develop your profile and achieve the previously set goal, you first need to reach the right people.

You lose sight of your audience’s goals on the way to your goal

You know your goal, you know what you want to achieve and you go ahead and get yours. The same goes for your audience too. They are also on Instagram “for something” and, watching your profile, expect “something”. In the fight for new followers, do you forget about it? Even when new people come to you, the current ones leave, so the number of followers still stands still. Make a better examination of conscience and answer the question, are you not the “operator” who cares only for new customers? Exactly. To meet the needs of your audience, you need to know them, if you don’t know them, it means that …

You don’t analyze the statistics

Of course, you look at them, you look at the numbers, you are happy when the percentage of the week is green, because it means that it is better than in the previous seven days. Hence? Usually nothing, because you can’t analyze them, draw conclusions and use them to develop your profile. And, as they say, the statistics do not lie and by working with them skillfully you can achieve amazing results.

You don’t have a strategy planned

Your content is created mostly spontaneously, sometimes you plan ahead, but looking at yours you see chaos rather than planned activities. Unfortunately, the same is also seen by your audience. Without a strategy, your actions are not only disordered, but also often less thoughtful, and thus less valuable for your recipients.

And finally the number of followers

You have 300 or 500 people and compared to other accounts where you can see the numbers in thousands you think that your 300 is nothing. Now imagine 300 people in front of you in the room. Hmmm looks like a great number of people. You know what I mean by that? Take care of these 300 people, be interested in what they are doing and what they are interested in. Sometimes it’s not the quantity but the quality that counts and the value is how you treat your followers.




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