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What is social media marketing?

Social media is a way to communicate with other people over the Internet. The name refers to the social involvement of users – in conversations, comments, live broadcasts (live video) and other interactions. The reach of social media is growing rapidly, among others thanks to the fact that creating and publishing content has become very easy. This creates many opportunities for companies, including getting to know customers and reaching them with advertising. However, the greatest value is the ability to build long-term relationships with customers. This is what social marketing does.
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Social Media Users Pass 4 Billion: Digital 2020 October (Statshot Report)

In the last few years, there has been an expansion of such websites as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest. The era of social media is just beginning and its use in business will increase. Regardless of whether you run a small business or run a global corporation, the statistics clearly show that customers are online – on social media they interact with both other customers and brands, looking for information, recommendations, entertainment.

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Why do companies need social media?

Social networks are more and more dynamically developing services for business, which dynamize the activities of companies in many ways. It is worth handing over your business accounts to experts to fully use the potential of social media.



Information can be shared very quickly (often in real time) via social media. Therefore, social networking sites generate a huge amount of data about customers – who they are, what they like, how they perceive your brand. By actively listening, you can collect customer data and use it to make smart business decisions.


Popular platforms, although they bring together different communities and have different functions, give a chance to shape a coherent brand image. Consumers often form opinions about the company based on the narrative conducted in social media and the way they interact with recipients. For this purpose, enterprises can publish interesting content, conduct active communication and share important events in the life of the company.


It has never been easier to get to know customers’ opinions about the company’s activities. Social media is a tool that significantly facilitates the process of delivering content and receiving feedback. If consumers want to share their comments on the products used or praise the available assortment, they can do so at any time. All they have to do is write a comment or leave a review.


Social networks are focused on building mutual relations. Thanks to them, communication barriers between brands and consumers have disappeared. Building relationships is one of the most important tasks of being present in these media. If you offer a good product and great customer service, then by adding the right contact to that, you’ll build lasting relationships with your customers. Thanks to this, you will gain their loyalty and even create a group of spokesmen for your brand.



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Online advertising is a natural choice for modern businesses. Advertising in social media helps to find new customers, using information about their interests provided by themselves. Unlike search engine advertising that targets people looking for a specific product, social media advertising actively reaches the right users before they even start searching. In this way, we can effectively increase traffic on our website and generate sales.


Although the opinions of SEO specialists are divided on this matter, we believe that well-managed profiles in social media also have an impact on the positioning and improvement of websites’ results in search engines.


Many companies use social media to attract employees. They allow the screening of candidates who have applied, as well as the search for candidates who meet the requirements, including passive candidates who are not currently looking for a job. In addition, as in the case of clients, it is a great place to build the company’s image (employer branding).

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The most popular ePR tools (also known as online PR) that we use:

Do you need professional service in social media?

Social media audit

Audit of activities in social media allows you to look at the current social media marketing from a different angle and improve it. Agencies managing accounts in social media analyze the company’s presence in these media so far, check which of the activities carried out in the social marketing category were the most effective and which could be improved. They also look at the competition by developing a social media presence strategy.


Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring enables a quick response to Internet users’ statements about the company and the detection of potential crisis situations. Available social media tools such as Brand24, SentiOne or NewsPoint allow you to collect all the content appearing in the context of a brand, product or service and allow you to update the results in a few minutes. This allows for a quick response which is very important in social media. Some of them analyze the level of emotions associated with particular statements. Clou Media as a professional social media agency (Munich) uses such tools to protect the image of its clients.


Measuring social media

The great thing about internet marketing is that you can measure almost anything. However, it is worth remembering that measuring only makes sense if you know what and why you are measuring. Collecting data from which meaningful conclusions cannot be drawn is a waste of time. We are most interested in return on investment (ROI), and many marketers focus on measuring traffic and conversions. However, it is often more complex. ROI can generate e.g. savings in customer service in SM instead of over the phone.


The number of fans – one of the indicators most often measured by companies and social media agencies. Do not put too much emphasis on it. If it does not translate into other indicators, it remains only a number.

Commitment – very important in measuring the effects of activities. Engagement can mean different things in different channels.
In the case of a blog, it will be the number of comments. On Twitter, it can be the number of mentions, shares, likes, and replies. Engagement tells you whether the content you create is of interest to your audience.

Time – It is worth paying attention to the schedule of your community’s activity in order to conduct activities at that time. Many accounts are only managed during business hours.

Click-through rate (CTR) – an indicator known to all marketers, it can also be valuable in social media, especially if one of the goals is to drive traffic to the website.



Impact – a somewhat controversial topic as there is no universal standard for measuring impact. You can identify people who reach your target group (influencers) on Twitter and Google, or by using tools such as Brand24.

Sentiment – the analysis of the emotional color of conversations on a specific topic allows you to determine whether people like, hate or are indifferent to the brand. Many tools allow for automatic mood measurement. Reading reports. it is worth knowing how they work and remembering the margin of error.

Topics of conversations – using the right tools, we can check what people are talking about. It is worth getting acquainted with the topics of conversations about you, your competition and your industry. You can then identify who your customers consider your competitors, what comments they have about your products, etc. This is probably the most important quality measurement point.


Popular social networks

In Germany, activities in the field of social media marketing focus mainly on Facebook. However, it is not worth limiting yourself to only one communication channel. Potential customers are active on other portals. Although Nemtsov uses Facebook and Instagram the most, the most dynamic growth can be observed on YouTube. The following are very popular in the world: Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Individual social media platforms differ, among others user base and the specificity of the language, therefore they require a different approach. It is worth betting on those portals that match the company’s business profile and correspond to a specific target group.


We help to choose effective solutions in social media

The decision to choose tools to effectively promote a company is not easy, which is why the social media agency helps clients in making it. At the beginning of cooperation, we analyze the available opportunities as well as previous experiences, and on this basis we reach for the most appropriate social media channels. In this way, a social media strategy tailored to individual needs is created.

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