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Social media monitoring – how to do it effectively and not to miss anything

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Social media monitoring – how to do it effectively and not to miss anything

Social media blurred the line that separated the brand from its audience. Thanks to modern, modern social platforms, brands remain in almost constant contact with customers. In this way, they build interest in products or services, listen to opinions and take an active part in discussions that directly concern them. This enables them to monitor social media.

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It’s normal for most brands to have multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This does not prevent them from reacting almost immediately to user questions, tags and potential emergencies. How do they do it? They use specialized tools for data analysis and social media monitoring!

Why should you monitor social media traffic?

There are many reasons, but I will list and describe the most important of them.

content analysis

You may have different ideas about your own business, especially if you have been running and developing it for years. A common observation of many marketers is the so-called the curse of the knowledge of their clients who, living their daily business, consider many aspects as obvious and of little importance. Therefore, check reports containing data from social media monitoring daily and analyze them. You can see problems that have not existed so far, e.g. users’ dissatisfaction with the complaint procedure, publicized by influencers.

competition analysis

Only thanks to the process of continuous analysis of the activities of potential and current competitors, you are able to meet new market competitors, evaluate the effectiveness of their activities, and then compare it with yours. It is always an extremely important element in running any business. Why? Monitoring allows you to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. This may prove to be the key to strengthening your position in the market. It also allows you to draw conclusions and compare the results of your activities.

locating potential crisis situations

In an ideal world, each brand has 100% satisfied customers who comment on the activities of their beloved brand with appreciation and approval. Things are not always so colorful. Many brands have suffered from a serious image crisis in social media, which if detected in time could take on a smaller size and result in a gradual extinction or an amicable solution to the matter. The main common feature of crisis situations in social media is the avalanche of popularity in negative terms, along with the growing interest of fans in a specific situation. Thanks to the monitoring of social media, the quick reaction of the brand to such a situation allows to cool the emotions and mitigate the further escalation of the “conflict” even at the stage of the first reactions on Twitter.

assessment of the effectiveness of the activities carried out so far

Tools for analyzing and monitoring social media are great when you want to keep track of the effect they have had among the fans and the reception of your latest campaign. This allows you to strengthen the message in the place that received the greatest interest and possible modification of similar movements in the future.

What can you read from the data from social media monitoring?

Depending on what exactly you want to monitor in a given period (traffic on the website? Range of your content? Sentiment of the statement?), You are able to extract specific information from the data obtained in this way. They allow you to implement changes in marketing activities, improve them and strengthen the message. After a monthly report on the activities carried out, you know which content enjoyed the greatest interest of the recipients. You are aware of which of them reached more of them and which products brought the greatest profits.

The more precise the tool, the better the data. An example is Google Analytics, which will allow, inter alia, to precisely define the target group (age, gender and behavior of your clients). In addition, it will allow you to measure the effectiveness of individual products and data on determining the origin of traffic on your online store’s website.

What to use data from social media monitoring?

The result of the monitoring carried out is a collection of data that allows drawing conclusions and preparing a better strategy. Which of them will be key?

  1. Improving communication – you know which elements in the presentation of services / products to pay special attention to, you know what interests your customers the most and what language they communicate with each other. You should take advantage of it!
  2. Demand – the data allows you to estimate which products / services / offers are most popular. You can intensify the provision of content related to those elements of the offer for which the demand is greatest
  3. Better understanding of your audience – you can know not only the gender and age of the audience (potential customers), but also the interests of which devices they use, the time when they are most active online, and many more.
  4. Control and prevention of crisis situations. You are in the right place at the right time.
  5. Better understanding of the competition – evaluation of successful campaigns and current online activities.

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