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Unconventional Business Photo Session with Markus Bauer from Mahavi Group


Unconventional Business Photo Session with Markus Bauer from Mahavi Group

In the business world, where the image is often associated with a suit and a serious demeanor, Markus Bauer, the Founder of Mahavi Group (, challenged us by ordering a photo session that breaks conventions. He asked us to portray his true character and unique approach to life.


Known for his creativity and individuality, Markus Bauer commissioned a series of business photos that would not only reflect his professionalism but also reveal his passions, interests, and personality. The goal was to create an image that combines business professionalism with a human touch.



Instead of traditional shots in a classic suit, we opted for studio backgrounds that would allow us to focus on the person – without the classic suit but with personality, energy, and enthusiasm.



Collaborating with an experienced business photographer, the session was carefully planned, taking into account every aspect of Markus’s personality. The shots included both dynamic frames and more intimate moments, portraying him as a well-rounded individual, not just an entrepreneur.



The results of the session were surprising and stunning. Instead of a rigid business portrait, we received a collection of photos that exude energy, passion, and individuality.



Markus’s unconventional photo session became a talking point in the business and photography world. These images not only set him apart from other entrepreneurs but also demonstrated that in business, it’s worthwhile to remain authentic. This case study proves that an unconventional approach to business photo sessions can be the key to building a strong and memorable image.

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Ich habe die Bilder auf Instagram gesehen und dachte mir, dass ich mir auch andere Dinge ansehen würde, die Sie tun. Ich muss sagen, Sie leisten eine großartige Arbeit!

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