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Video content marketing – is it worth implementing it in business promotion?

Already in the 70s of the last century, the psychologist Albert Mahrabian in the position “Silent Messages” wrote that 93% of all human communication is non-verbal communication. 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual information. They are processed by the brain much faster than text, because the brain is accustomed to image processing. People remember 80% of what they see, and only 20% of what they read.

1. Why does man better absorb images than text?

Man has always lived in visual reality, as evidenced by drawings in the stone age caves. The trends in the visual marketing side that have emerged in recent years are therefore nothing new. However, the question arises: how we perceive images and how the brain interprets what it sees, i.e. how we process visual information in a world dominated by various tools stimulating human senses.

Video content marketing is still a relatively new type of marketing strategy. Not every entrepreneur is aware that this can be an activity meeting the changing trends in the ways of using the Internet.

An example of a movie that we made for a bar.

Vertical format used for Instastory.

Man bekommt Lust dort hinzugehen und was zu trinken. Ziel auf jeden Fall erreicht.


animiert den Drink zu testen👌👍gut zum Anschauen🥂

2. Why will the text never compete with the image?

As many as 79% of Internet users admit that they prefer to watch advertising or other forms of video material rather than read product descriptions.

It is undeniable that the text will never be able to compete with the image. From the moment of birth, cognitive processes in humans oscillate around the image. The child understands and recognizes the mother’s image before he or she really understands the term mother. Images, which are an inseparable sphere of life, are understood immediately. The power of graphics is the result of the way the human brain receives and transmits information, which we call visual perception or processing of visual information based on visual reasoning skills. Thanks to this ability, the recipient processes and interprets the meaning of visual information that provides him with sight. As visual perception plays a huge role in everyday human life, understanding how the images seen are interpreted can be useful when designing and organizing visual communication in relation to marketing.

Video content marketing – is it worth it

3. Video content marketing – where to start?

Similarly to traditional text advertising forms, video content marketing is used to promote the brand, create a coherent image of the company and products and to engage the recipients accordingly. Visual materials, however, have the advantage over the “Gutenberg invention” that they are much easier to code in the minds of buyers and can be shared freely. Marketing videos can also stimulate customers to create their own materials, which will tie them to a particular brand more. Video marketing content should not be identified with advertising spots, which since the 1940s began to appear on television and from the beginning had to use the abbreviation due to high antenna prices.


4. Video content marketing – cost

However, video content marketing strategy will require more resources and work than in the case of written forms of promotion. You can independently conduct an effective video marketing campaign, but it will require preparation of the script, organization of equipment, employment of actors and devoting a large amount of time to personal processing. Ordering a video strategy of an external interactive agency may be associated with a high cost, but it is certainly worth considering it thoroughly. As many as 74% of customers admitted that they had made a purchase at least once in their lifetime after watching a video published by a given company.


Advertising film can cost from 800E net and up, and the upper limit is unknown to anyone. It all depends on many factors that should be taken into account when calculating. Below is a list of factors that influence the price of an advertising film:

  • location – travel price to shoot an advertising film
  • possible set design – the price depends on the need to adapt / rent space to shoot an advertising film
  • actors / extras if there are no company employees
  • film crew costs, it can consist of one or several camera operators, sound engineer, make-up artist, stylist, sound engineer, lighting crew etc. – it all depends on the size of the film production
  • the amount of film equipment and the possible price of renting it
  • possible rent a green screen studio
  • movie prop prices if needed
  • prices of clothes / costumes
  • costs of the director and screenwriter
  • prices of possible casting
  • film editing prices
  • sound prices
  • costs associated with the purchase of background music with a license
  • prices of any storyboard
  • possible costs of additional computer animations

For example, if we are talking about a price of 500-800E, we mean a film for the production of which we agree the script remotely, the plan is prepared for the arrival of one camera man, the sound technician is not needed, we use our own lighting, we shoot within 3-5 hours. However, it should be remembered that this is an estimate and real costs are always calculated individually.

Video content marketing – is it worth it?

5. Video content marketing – the advantages of strategy

There are 5 main advantages of running a Content Marketing campaign using video materials:

Brand identification – over 70% of Internet users remember the movies they watched in the last month. This means that video materials have a much stronger impact on potential customers. By placing the characteristic elements of your brand, such as: logo, appropriate colors, fonts, voice and sound, you can more effectively capture in the recipient’s memory, and thus build a stronger brand awareness.
SEO growth – 65% of users visit the brand’s website after watching the video. Increasing the number of visits to the website translates into higher positioning on Google. By using this form of marketing strategy, you not only get more conversion, but also potential customers.
Responsive video – unlike all kinds of graphics, video is fully responsive. This means that it adapts to any device, even the smallest screen. This is a big simplification, because you no longer have to adapt the website to a particular customer – you will reach everyone.
Strength of communication – by deciding to publish video content, you can strengthen the message of your brand to the client. The right material, sound, voice or brand elements, such as a logo, have a chance to sound much more when you present them in the form of a video.
Viral – 92% of users share video content on mobile devices. It’s up to 1200% more often than links to blog articles. By focusing on viral marketing, you can create an ad that reaches millions of viewers around the world.


Video content marketing – is it worth it


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