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Video Marketing Munich

When the world of perfume represented through PUIG partners up with the European home appliances leader BSH, the fascinating result is called Scent Creator.

Why is he writing about this? Because we had the pleasure to work for this company. Be sure to see the Case Study – Click HERE.

Why are promotional videos so important?

Video materials are an increasingly popular form of marketing communication. You can successfully use movies in an advertising campaign – to promote products, services, or even to build your image and strengthen your brand awareness. The strength of the video is demonstrated by statistics – it is expected that in two years the video form will achieve over 70% increase in marketing activities of each company, displacing traditional graphic forms.
Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of building brand awareness. Dynamic images are more memorable, referring to emotions and creating associations. Also, the fact that recipients now have more opportunities to play video, thanks to mobile devices, means that video will get better over the next few years.
A properly constructed video strategy, which will be part of the brand’s communication strategy, is a powerful image and sales tool.


Video Marketing Munich

Thanks to the movies:

  • you will reach a target group that is on the Internet,
  • you interact with your audience (video is interactive),
  • you will provide useful content in a pleasant and more engaging form,
  • show the human face of the brand (videos presenting the company from the back office),
  • you will support image and sales activities,
  • you will strengthen the brand’s activities in social media,
  • you will build the image of a modern company that uses the latest trends.


We will prepare for you:

  • films presenting the company and employees in everyday situations,
  • presentations of finished products as well as during production,
  • promotional and advertising films,
  • instructional videos,
  • guide films,
  • animations,
  • and other.

Video marketing is part of content marketing, where the goal is to produce content that will interest and speak to the recipient. Given that we are currently dealing with a generational change, and the generation is definitely preferring to watch movies than read text, it is worth investing in video marketing and creating an aesthetic production that will attract and engage the customer.
Otherwise, your company will lag far behind the competition that keeps up with this trend.

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