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What is shadowban? How to avoid it and how to get rid of it?

What is shadowban? How to avoid it and how to get rid of it?

You often ask me these and many similar questions on Instagram. I do not like to leave your questions unanswered, and I do not always have the time and opportunity to explain everything to each of you.

Although there is a lot of material on the internet on this topic, I decided to describe this problem on our website. In the IG poll most of you were in favor of creating such material, so that’s what he is about.

Today we will deal with this mysterious issue. I will explain to you what shadowban is, what you get it for, how to check whether Instagram has put such block on us and how to get rid of it.

What is shadowban? How to avoid it and how to get rid of it?


Simply put, this is a blockade that Instagram imposes on our account for violating the rules of the application. Shadowban gets people who use prohibited practices, commonly do not comply with the rules or unwittingly break it. This means that their photos are not visible under any hashtags for people who are not following the account. If your account got a shadowban, then no one outside your group of followers will look through your hashtags, find your photo, enter your profile and will not observe your account. This limits the range, reduces the number of comments, hearts, you can notice a significant decrease in engagement and reduced ranges.

What can you get a shadowban for?

Of course for actions contrary to the Instagram regulations. Unfortunately, in addition to obvious infringements, such as using bots or buying followers / likes, you can also get shadowban for:

– publishing content inconsistent with the Regulations (e.g. pornography),
writing spammy comments (consisting of a small number of words or only emoticons),
– exceeding Instagram limits (e.g. mass likes and observing, or using too many hashtags in the description),
– using hashtags banned by Instagram (to make it easier, there is no official list anywhere and new ones are still being banned).
– adding hashtags in the comments and not in the post itself,
– adding the same hashtags under each photo – Instagram puts our creativity in every aspect :),
– using very popular hashtags (used hashtags should be correlated with the size of our account),
– placing too many photos in one day – it is not known from today that quality counts, not quantity :),
– regular reporting of our profile as spam by other users,
– using unauthorized external applications (e.g. automatically controlling our account),
– use of domain name / website in username,
– sending posts in private messages to other users (in this way Instagram fights the so-called “support groups”).

What is shadowban? How to avoid it and how to get rid of it?

How to check if the account has shadwban?

– Go to the website:
– Enter your instagram link and volia!
Apparently, however, the manual method is the best.

Manually, we can check it like this:
  •  from an account that doesn’t follow us either
  • from the Incognito tab in the browser or
  • in the browser without logging into your account

We go to our latest photo, and then click the hashtag (preferably less popular, so that it is easier for us to find it) and if the photo is visible under it in the latest section – we are safe. If you can’t find it anywhere, then unfortunately our account got shadowban.

How long does shadowban last?

The truth is, I dug up all the internet and haven’t found a definite answer to this question.

But while doing research I came across some repetitive answers. People who have experienced such a ban wrote:

  • few hours
  • +/- 3 months
  • +/- 6 months

How do you get rid of the shadowban?

Advice from people who have experienced such a ban:

  • remove # from photos (not necessarily from all)
  • use a variety of hashtags under photos
  • do not copy the same # under each picture
  • log out for 48 hours
  • do not use IG for a week
  • stop using apps and bots
  • do not buy followers
  • periodically write to IG that something is happening to your account
  • be patient 😉


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